Monday, 27 February 2012

158 : Im back!!~~~

Okays.. I know..
I'm late for my come back..
Blame the stupid Internet Service provider! LIARSSS!!
Sorryyyy!~~~ ><

Anyways, being here in Australia is quite nice.
The amount of cultural diversity just scares me at times though.
Its like everyone here speaks their own language,
Can literally hear every language when you walk around the city.

Being Malaysian rocks though!
Can actually communicate with people from Hong Kong, China and Indo without problem.

Just some pictures of my stay here so far..

My room!! haha, Awesomeness that i love! =DD
Mum brought Ducky over too!

Cloudy skies bringing rain over.

Anyways.. Havent been up to much.. Class starts on weds.
Hope all of you have been fine! If not awesome! haha

Young and Cute,


  1. took u long enough..haha..which ISP u used lo??? so bad ^^

  2. Replies
    1. Really specious! haha! Sister rented for me. =D

  3. nice view from ur window.. lots of greens :)
    n yeah .. so young n cute :)

  4. Hey hey!!!

    Can I just say that I am LOVING the view! Also if it doesn't trouble you entirely, photographs of any strange bugs/butterflies you see while you are there? I was too young during my stay in Australia to really appreciate these things then and even if I did their government would never let me bring anything back to Malaysia, so it would be a great favor if you could just... snap pics here and there as and when you see them.

    Like don't do it if it's out of the way (you gotta climb up a tree or something) but you know... if you find one in your room... snap a photo before smushing it, or sweeping it up, or spraying it, or whatever it is you normally do with insects? Also remind me to give you some spider-safety tips as well. Australia is quite notorious for spiders which is good news for me, but maybe not so much for you!

    Anyway I see you are going to have a GREAT time there! Take care and all the best with studies and if you have any problem whatsoever don't forget to write!

    ps. PLEASE do try and make new friends :) go sit with a stranger on your first day of class and talk his head off or something

    most fondly,

    1. haha, album created for you already. =P

  5. i jealous jor wanna compare the rooms... ish...

    as long as youre happy and comfortable there la.. *hugs*

    1. I never seen your room before! =P