Tuesday, 28 February 2012

159 : I fled..

I always had a reputation around my friends for being the good boy.
I never been clubbing, don't smoke(not that the rest did), don't play games such a dota and the list goes on..

So few days ago, my friend studying in Australia invited me out for a birthday party via Facebook. he was a close friend since form 1 so i agreed without hesitation. Not being familiar with the streets of Melbourne, he offered to met up by a nearby train station. It was great meeting up with him and his girlfriend again. We hugged and greeted each other like anyone would, its been months since we met anyways. Then his girlfriend asked him something that just left me baffled..

"Can he wear shorts in?"

It was a hot day! Why cant i wear shorts?? Then i found out.. The party venue was a club..

I never been clubbing!!

He then offered to lend me some pants, and we proceeded to dinner together before going back to his place. I was in a dilemma! I dint want to go clubbing.. I dint want my first time to be with him and his friends i dint know! But it was his birthday.. What do i do???

At one point i told myself, "FUCK IT!! I will go one day or another.. Might as well go". Since my place was on the way to the club, my friend suggested i go back and change and get my passport. I left for home as they stayed back and waited for their friends to come before going together.

So there i was.. On the way home, alone on the tram.. When suddenly my phone vibrated.

"S. has checked in to V restaurant along with 5 others."

I checked the map of the restaurant and i told myself. Why not?

Without thinking, I got off the next station. 10 mins of staring at google maps on my phone and was there at the restaurant. I whatsapp my friend, telling them my sister is really worried and does not feel comfortable with me going to a club with people i dont know since i only know him and his girlfriend..

And just like that.. I left to change my clothes and i never went back.. Lol..

I fled..
Went for icecream with S and gang after that though.. haha

Frankly.. I'm terrified of trying something new..
I'm terrified of what i might become..
What if i become a clubbing addict?..
I know..
But still..

Another reason is i always regard first times to be special. To have a special significant to my life that i will always remember. I want it to be memorable.
I want to be able to think back and smile at the memory.
Its just the way my brain works.. lol

So anyways.

Virginity                            - In tack
Clubbing Virginity            - In tack
Lips Virginity                    - Gone to Mr. Ex
Gym Virginity                   - Gone to Penguin

Always terrified..
Young and Cute,


  1. blogging grammar nazi-ed virginity - Kayson

    it's intact* , not in tack kekeke :P

    1. Ish! Make me feel so stupid now.. lol!

  2. Hmm...the checklist...

    "rolling eyes"

  3. Actually, clubbing's not addictive. Being lazy and staying at home is.

    1. I dint stay at home what.. i went eat ice cream.. Ooi!! You suppose to take me to MP last time.. hohoho

  4. Good practice. Always keep those for the special ones :]