Friday, 3 February 2012

151 : Road Trip!

Recently i went for a day trip with a club friends to Tanjung Sepat for dinner.. First time going to a beach nearby after so many years..

Anyways, the road trip there was legendary.. We literally chatted about all the subjects our hearts and interest brought us.. Learn a lot of stuff.. not exactly good stuff but.. stuff..

  1. When girls get horny.. They get "wet"..
    Yes.. I never knew believe or not.. Typical gay guy not knowing any stuff about girls. This question had pondering about it a while actually.. When guys get horny, we get hard on, So when girls get horny they get wet.. Okay.. Innocents gone.. Dont JUDGE ME!!! I Dint pay attention to stuff like this before..

  2.  How to observe boobs
    When looking at girls cleavage when they ter-expose.. Not the front view, the side.. Pft! Like this details will help us..

  3. Measuring..
    Guys penis length is about your middle finger to the middle hand line.. Accurate? Do share.. haha!

  4. Testicles
    Apparently your testicles kinda "moves" up and down by themselves if you observe them.. Im yet to find out. We discussed which one hangs lower too.. lol
    Extra fact.. My friends prefer the left compared to the right side if you understand.. Boxers people?

  5. Underwear
    Uniqlo underwears are really comfortable, as so i am told.. it feels "awesome"..
  6. Bumps
    When your car is overloaded and the car bottom touches the speed bump when going over it... If everyone on the back seat stands up when passing the bump, it wouldn't happen anymore.. Imagine everyone in the car.. "SPEED BUMP!! 1, 2 , 3!! STAND!!!!~~~" .. lol..
So basically we had crapped to talk about through the whole 2 hours trip there given the fact that we got lost a few times.. Dinner was awesome though, seafood by the beach! The trip back was filled with bitching.. haha!

Friend found a little crab in her lala, something common but still cute to find. =D

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  1. Fact No.1: Err... I think most guys (including gay) know about this. Hahaha!!!

    No.2: I don't like boobs, so never observe from any side of view. LOL...

    No.3: Well, some even say if you have big feet means your size is bigger. It's all myth.

    No.4: Ooo... really? *will observe tonight. Hahaha!

    No.5: Don't wear lagi comfortable, don't you think so? Hehehe...

    No.6: Yeah, some people do actually stand up a bit if the car is overloaded.

  2. Hahahaha I can bet that all the guys who are reading this post will be looking at their palm and fingers!!!!! :P I sure did, and it's not accurate for mine LOL...

    And yes, it's true that one testicle hangs lower than the other. Imagine if both were at exactly the same level, when you are walking or moving too much, then they will be constantly banging head on against one another, causing a great deal of pain hahahaha!
    LOL a lot of your readers will probably spend a few minutes looking at their balls too!! XD

  3. you sure your friend found a crab in her lala? or she found a crab in herself instead? lollllllllll....

  4. i have to agree with #5.. they are really comfy... and not expensive at all :)

  5. Reading #6 gives me a headache. Too much physics ><

  6. the speed bump thingy kinda made me laugh, haha

  7. "SPEED BUMP!! 1, 2 , 3!! STAND!!!!" haha ! :D

    i was looking on my fingers for 5 mins :D