Friday, 31 August 2012

282 : Lie

Sickening really.
Exactly like last time,
So often i remember you kept emphasizing and reinforcing to me, quote "I don't smoke. Freaking hate it" to the point i actually believed you. Since the start of 2011 i have heard that exact words repeatedly echoed to me, either directly or indirectly, always telling someone "I don't smoke one, you can ask leonut, he knows me the best" and i actually thought i did.
Like how penguin, you always told me you loved and miss me,
Meeting up with a friend that came over to Melbourne for a holiday, you asked her a favour to buy a box of cigarettes over. In front of me when you received it, without me even saying anything, you told me again how you hated it and it was for friends. Fine, if you took initiative to tell me without me even asking or giving you the look, i believe you.
and you had a boyfriend, and i was the play toy.
But yesterday outside the venue, you smoked a stick right in front of me, huffing and puffing away with that stupid pride in your face. To my surprise, i asked friends about it and people responded with how they always have seen you smoking.
I really hate people who lie to me.
Like what the hell..
Why can't people just be honest?.
You know i don't like people smoking, but you also know i'm not the type of person that will give you a lecture on how you are killing yourself. People do what they want, i'm in no position to control them. Its the fact that you lied to me that really annoys me.
Why am i even bringing such an old thing up?.
If you like to smoke, don't repeat that lie again and again in my face. Don't be such a hypocrite.
A lie is the one that ruins a friendship, not a habit.
Hate being lied to..
Something wrong with me these days.. ><

Happy National Day Malaysia!
Hope you guys had a nice Friday break and enjoy your long weekend! 


  1. hmm, luckily that guy is not my fren, he would be courting death, skin him alive, rawr

    1. I want to skin lo!! Damn geram i tell you!! But aih.. nvm lo.. tak boleh buat apa apa pun..

  2. And he is not embarrassed by it at all ?

    1. ditto chen xing, so he finally cannot fight the urge and rather test the friendship you guys share by smoking in front of you... interesting...

    2. Yea he doesn't. But like fuck him la. I seriously don't need a close friend that goes clubbing twice a week every week and smokes.

  3. chill la babe. things are only a big a deal as we make em out to be. unless he's ur bf la. which from ur last update i dont think he is. hugs

  4. Some people just dont have the guts to take responsibility, even for themselves... a lie is a lie... No excuses... oh well... Try not to think too much...

  5. Hmm, I would just tell them they will die faster if one started smoking in front of me. And sorry, that will be the last time I'll hang out with em until he quits it. I take pride in how one should care for their own body, the very least to step away from smoke. Like booze and all the processed food wouldn't speed up your death already.

    see la, next meet up he still sticks at it, I will snipe at him, turn around and sayonara.

    1. But i'm not really bugged about the smoking thing la.. Its the lying that annoys me.. If he wants to die early go ahead lo.. I won't stop him one.. :P