Sunday, 22 May 2011

13: 3 Wishes

Anyone else besides me have thought of what will you wish for if you had 3 wishes?
Of course, the "i wish i have 3 more wishes" wish would be a no no. lol
Be a pessimist, so when your genie says "no, you can't" you wont be so disappointed. XP
Haha, i guess this would be my 3 wishes.

1. A sexy body that will never go "unsexy". Hahaha, who wouldn't want a hot bod and can eat whatever you want?. haha , thought about a sexy face too but nah! XP

2. The power to meet any celebrity, like the power to make an mental appointment with the celebrity and they will have to urge to visit a place where they will "bump" into me. This wish is mainly for Big Bang!! Love Kang Dae Sung! Damn cute fellaw, would love to met him personally. He has a damn hot body too. XP

3. A working gaydar.. My gaydar is broken. It points to every guy i see. Then when i am done with my personal use, i will started a gypsy service for gaydar service. LOL

Ah.. but wishes do change as time go buy. Wishes to me are kinda like objectives to me. Work out to get fit, go for a big bang concert and find someone special.

Of course to achive our goals we have to work for it. Dreaming alone won't bring us any closer to them. Got to go study for exams now. haha

Nites love,


  1. mmmooonneeeeyyyyyyyyy

    yes i am greedy. XD

  2. For now, a relationship and more money.

    As for the last wish, am keeping it first.

  3. hehe, everyone wishes for money.. Looking at my wallet. Im starting to wish for money too. haha