Wednesday, 25 May 2011

15: Censorship

You know the feeling of studying a topic and failing miserably trying to memorize it, later on dismissing it thinking that it wouldn't be tested in the exam? I mean what are the odds right?
Wonderful.. I lost 10 marks on the first question of the exam because of that. Thank you human rights convention for being so complex. lol

Anyways. Don't you get annoyed with censoring on TV and Radio?
I mean show like How i met your mother or Glee, the censoring just knocks you off the storyline.
Take Glee for example. If someone dint search up what happened to Kurt you wont even know about the bully dude kissed Kurt.

One of the censoring im most disappointed with is "Born This Way".Yes, i know its been a while since the song was released and censored but the song is still constantly played on radio. Malaysia banned the lyrics "no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life, im on the right track, baby" because it was deemed taboo and offensive.. Offensive because the lyrics says its okay?

Just hope one day Malaysia will be more opened minded about LGBT issues.

Anyways, watched Lilo and Stitch 2 today. Aww!! Stitch is WAY WAY CUTE!! XP



  1. the censorship thingy that distorted lady gaga's born this way annoyed me like hell. i hv even watched clips on youtube that indirectly insulted malaysia for being intolerant to LGBT issues. ahhh....i feel embarrassed at times.

  2. Lol, and I thought they censored out certain scenes in Lilo & Stitch.


  3. @ooi, im 18. :3

    @lucifer, I know right!! Sucks to have such a narrow minded country. :(

    @chen, haha, never!! Stitch the cutest thing in the world. XP

  4. OH , WHAT THE !?!?! god , i tot u were mid twenties !!! cant believe i said that things to you !