Monday, 9 May 2011

3: Why?

Why you would keep insisting you know my sexuality?
Why would you say "Oh c'mon, everyone knows"
Are you joking? Do you want me to come out to you?
If i do, would you continue to be my friend?
Would you continue to give me a hug each time you see me?
Do you know how hurt i would be if i lose you as a friend, how much i would miss you?

If you "do know" my sexuality, why do you still hang out with me once in a while? I know you are 100% straight.
Do you know it hurts when you say that?

I guess I'll stay away from dance club for the time being..


  1. First time reading your blog...if he can accept a plu friend, not bad to come out to him...but be prepared to lose him.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I might come out to him.. might not.. lol, distancing myself from him slowly just in case.. narrow minded thinking perhaps? Starting with no hugs! lol