Thursday, 12 May 2011

7: Making use of people?

It sucks when people make use of you.
Boohoo for you if you are making use of people.

It sucks lar!! Few months ago i sent a friend home from dance practice.
Her mum refused to pick her up due to the fact the practice lasted till around 12am.
Seeing she stays close by, Why not? A 5 minutes detour wont hurt anyone.
So, sent her home, she said thanks, end of story.

Recently, in 2 separated occasions, I asked her if she could fetch me for dance practices since i had no transport.
I can drive, but my parent banned me from driving out alone.. Trust issues.. LOL
Anyways!! She told me she couldn't, her parents wanted to go somewhere afterwards, dinner or some event. Fine~ okay.. just dance practice, i can catch up with the choreography.

Today, i asked her if she could sent me home after a party, party ends at 11 something.
I just received a message from her saying, her transport, her sister, wants to go somewhere after fetching her.
GO WHERE!?!?! My friend is underage to go clubbing!! WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO???
Feel so WTF.. At least return the favor for sending you when your mum refuse to fetch you home.

Yes, i know she could be telling the truth but still..
So now, im not going for dance classes that my friend will be teaching, not going for a dance club party which is going to be dope and i have to cook my own dinner when i get my usual transport home..
Im still close to her, she is a nice person and all but i feel like i was used, no more transport for you!

There are many other times i was used but thats a story for another day.

Nites love,

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