Sunday, 29 May 2011

17: Dance

*video removed*

Had this performance last week. Dope choreography by 4 awesome dancers. What'cha guys think?

p.s false start due to technical errors but it was fun. XP
p.s.s Can you guess which one is me?
p.s.s.s If you can.. dont share the video.. im not out yet.. lol


  1. "Wow, the choreography is quite good! Some of those flips look challenging, earning some points for difficulty.
    I guess the only thing was that it wasn't really tight? That's one of the most important aspects when dancing in a group right."

    (Hahahaha I'm pretending to comment like a professional. Learned from watching the judges on Got To Dance UK, lol :P)

  2. Can't really see which one is you.

  3. wow baby u CAN dance. keep it up!

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