Wednesday, 18 May 2011

11: Tired yet hyper! XP

OMG! I am so tired!! Had dance practice from 4- 9pm today, AWESOMEEE!! Yes, i am having exams but im having performance on Friday too!! Based on the picture above, we were practically at the extremely hyper stage. We started turning on random songs and dancing to them. Slut dancing was the main dance we did. Haha! 4 guys and 4 girls going crazy to slut songs, impromptu dancing and slut dancing everywhere!! Had a grinding train consisting of 4 guys dancing to blow by KedollarsignHa(Glee) haha!! Too much info? Best dance was a happy choreo danced to Accidentally in Love. Will upload a video for you guys if we complete out choreography! Damn cute choreography! XP  Going to turn in early for tomorrow's exam. Love you guys!

haha, the guy is damn cute!! 

Nights loves,

1.49min, nosebleed!! XD
I love this video. Inspiring and touching! I wanna go!! XP


  1. er lets go?
    if got 4 ppl , then can drive down together..

    hahaha otherwise im just staying with my bf :)

  2. lol, stay with your bf la. Later you get hit on and swam by everyone in singapore. XP