Monday, 16 May 2011

10: Scrutinizing

Do you guys scrutinize your friends, especially your close friends? Their looks, their attitude, their personality, their fashion? I realize i don't notice alot of things that everyone else notices. lol

Once, i went for an exchange trip with  30 people around my age. We spent 1 week together for a "camp" touring around the country while the other 2 weeks with our respective host parent. It was fun and all, but on the last day of our 3 weeks stay, few "lucky" ones were chosen to stay in the airport hotel for a night due to our host staying too far from the airport. The lucky few of us naturally started talking about the wonderful time we had. Unknowingly everyone automatically turn on bitchy mood. LOL, i was so surprised. they started bitching about the other exchangies that were not with us lucky ones. They started talking about how one girl made another cry because she thought they were after the same guy, how people "backstep (tuls 2011)" each other. OMFG i was so oblivious to everything!! I dint know anything and everything that went on, who is secretly bitch, who used who to get to who, who everyone thought was weird.

Today, i went for deserts around college with my dance club friend. I had a Lamigton!! :P. We sat down together and started to talk. Same thing!! I had no idea what was going on!! lol

The fact is that I'm very easily influenced by words. When you tell me something bad about someone, the little info prints a deep impression in my thoughts. I actually never judge friends or rather not have opinions on them especially close friends except for the occasional "omg.. he is damn weird.." :P What do you guys think? Is that a good trait to have to not scrutinize people? or a bad one? I have found a few friends that people told me to stay away from cause of the high tendency of being used or backstabbed by them.

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  1. i listen one side in the other side out lor! unless i myself tak suka itu orang.. but hor.. sometimes will avoid de lor if that person kena kutuk.. i guess its natural gua..

  2. But sometimes right.. you really dont notice bad things that people do that people other people notices but you are oblivious to. I damn blur sometimes kena kutuk also dunno one. haha

  3. those idiots who loved to gossip or backstabing, pls drown yourself in toilet bowl! hahaha.... dont be mean.. if you cant bring others happiness, then dont add to the sorrows. hao xin you hao bao.... cheers...

  4. i dont mind they kutuk me in front of me cos i will do the same but if its the belakang then i will be damn anti them de! but.. it will fade with time.. haha.. oh well..

  5. i hate gossip . i was a victim of a really bad gossip when i was form 5 .It was very poisonous and hurtful .Usually one person will start the flame of gossip and watch the fire spread on .

  6. Haha love how u cited tuls' backstep! LOL :P

    I don't like to judge other ppl, but sometimes I can't help but form impressions about others in my head.. esp negative traits..

    But the difference is, I never say it out loud or to other ppl. Everyone has (and should have) an opinion, but not everyone else wants to hear it rite ;)