Saturday, 14 May 2011

8: Hugs!!

Woke up feeling bitter today. I realize i haven't have a proper hug in ages!! A hug that will tell you that everything is alright, to tell you that people care and you are loved.

Hugs, everyone loves hugs. Hugs are not as personal as a kiss but can be shared by almost anybody, anywhere, anytime. :P Scientifically proven to increase your health, when you hug someone, especially your loved one, your body releases a "bonding" hormone called oxytocin aka, the love hormone. So, hug someone!! :)

I used to get a hug almost everyday from my close friends. I love giving hugs as much as receiving one. I love the comforting feeling when you hug someone, the body contact and all.. Since form one i had someone that i always share a hug with, however in form 3, he transferred to another school. Naturally, being a hugging slut i am.. I somehow had another friend that i shared a hug with almost everyday. He used to give me the biggest and tightest hugs!! Ahh!! I miss him so much!!
Now in college, i made another friend that love giving hugs. It was fine for the first few months however, I suspect he knows my sexuality though.. So i stopped with the hugs, just exchanging hi's and bye's now. Im soooo deprived of a proper hug now. lol..

P.s To all the plu's out there.. Do you find the feeling of hugging a girl weird?.. When you feel the "body" contact that turns on most guys.. lol



  1. LOL!! You cant give me one?

  2. if i give u a hug , it might turn into something else!, i wont give u a hug , i will give u a good fuck!

  3. hug is always good, keep it non sexual though.

  4. omg! ooi2009!! wtf?!?!?! siao arr!

    and klex! im a hug slut too!! *high 5* hug me next time k! a deep one!! :)

  5. klex im not kidding la , tuls very nice to hug wor....his nen nen also nice ....but clayden , another blogger, is someone that i will not go near , coz i will explode in my pants when i am near him

  6. i hugged my sister for the first time that i can remember in 28 years on celebrating her engagement..

    weird? more like awkward but i can just hug anyone anytime anywhere :)