Thursday, 19 May 2011

12: College

I really don't like it here.. I feel awfully lonely..
Everyone found their own cliques.. I'm their third party.
I'm alone..
I miss my high school friends, i miss my best friends.
Im drifting away from them.
I'm stranded on an island with strangers and i see my friends sailing away.
Slowly, painfully, the friendship bonds are fading.
I really don't like it here.. I feel awfully lonely



  1. Don't be, you'll find friends soon...

    Cheer up !

  2. yup!! if not, they will come to you :)

    send me an email! i'll be your first online bud!

    perasannyer! hahahahahah

  3. dun care too much, its the same for most of us, good luck, at most go find ppl outside of the uni. =p

  4. it always begins with a simple hi.. and maybe share some chocolates..

  5. Starting new is always like that. You're still young, as u progress in life u'll meet new ppl, be at new places. You'll eventually learn how to blend in. unless the friend-acquisition mechanism in your brain got prob la.. haha. Aww it's exciting to see how debutantes grow. Target someone in your class and smile! friends will multiply but it is imperative to start with one. Good luck lengzai!

    oh, work on increasing your lengzainess! then friends will come naturally~ one of the advantages of being a lengzai. haha.

  6. @cheng Xing :Thanks!! I actually do have close friends but not in my class. Dance club~~ XP

    @Tuls :haha, Will e-mail you. Eh eh. You really got a full bottom ah?? XP

    @Vincent :Thanks! But quite scary if go around making friends with outsiders le.. Later kena rape. Haha!

    @Pluboy :hehe, later eat too much chocolate will fat le..

    @nate :lol, im already 5 months in and have another 5 months to go in that class. Class no lengzai to target le.. hehe, Teach me how to increase lengzainess! XP

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