Sunday, 23 October 2011

91 : Princess Blows-alot



After countless annoying "fhus" , i turned my head to see this girl, acting all princessy, blowing every single spec of dust and dirt off the table. MY GOD!! USE YOUR HANDS AND WIPE LA!! There is a sink and tissue only a min away!! She spent almost 10 mins blowing every corner of the table. With every single blow, my tolerance just thinned. She dint had to blow so loud right? Inconsiderate woman.. Its the study lounge for god sakes and everyone is studying.
When she was done with the table.. She went on to the chair....
It toke her a good 15 mins before she was pleased with her blowing action and actually sat down. If she was hot i would pardon her hiao'ness but she wasnt.. short chubby girl..

Funniest thing was her friend came over 2 mins later, talked abit, and she packed her stuffed and moved to another table.. Oh god.. here we go again..

Easily Annoyed,


  1. Hahahaha too funny!!! Princess blows-alot sounds like a My Little Pony name... which, if you think about it, sound a lot like porn-star names... Pink Pie...Rainbow Dash... etc.

  2. LOL was the table really dusty?

    I think it's disgusting from a science point of view. Blowing may remove some of the dust, but it actually dirties the surface even more because she is leaving saliva and microorganisms from her airway onto the desk.

    The slightly warm and moist environment will likely facilitate the growth of microorganisms even more. I pity the next person who uses that table...

  3. Lil' chubby needed some practice on her blowing techniques. :P