Thursday, 20 October 2011

90 : Tease!!

KL was such a tease!!
Was waiting for him in the morning today, he was running late so i sat in the lounge...
Few minutes later, i felt a presence, i looked up, OMFG!~ He was in formal wear!!
I have a formal wear fetish you see.. as of many people, and he knows too.
He looked oh so very sexy!!

KL: "You very turned on now ah??"
CK: "Yes..."

Was very very turned on indeed..
Could have raped him..
Too bad he had exams to study for and i had class..
Hahaha, i love his presence!

Dear.. You are such a tease.. haha


  1. Eh, and now you are Ck already ?


  2. i added u already!and your so young ! and u know a person i know too!!!

  3. someone is too in love! :)

  4. To Cyren: Haha, will try!~ X]

    To Chen Xing, I was always a CK mah.. lol

    To Ooi2009, eh why no pictures?? lol, how you know them le?

    To Tuls, Got such thing as too in love meh?? XD