Sunday, 30 October 2011

96 :

I feel this heavy burden on my heart..
I miss you dear..
I really really miss spending time with you..
All i get now a days are sms's during your between times..
When you take a 5 min break from studies, before you sleep..
After my reply, you wont reply till your next break..
I feel very frustrated..
I feel a heartache..

I know you are having exams..
But i really wish i had 10 mins of your day everyday..
Where you wont worry about your exams, where you will talk to me like before..

I dont dare call you.. I dont dare interrupt your studying..
The last time i ask you if you would go for a walk with me..
You told me needed to study..
I understand.. but i died a little inside..

People keep telling me to stop thinking so much..
But im not thinking.. Its how im feeling..
I feel very hurt...
Like you dont love me anymore..

I sure you dont mean it..
I know i should talk to you about this personally,
but i figure writing it here would be the best, when you are reading this, im sure you wont feel so stressed, when your exam is over, and you have free time..
I know, i know.. After your exams..
I just hope this feeling goes away soon...

Good Luck for your exams dear...
Love you..


  1. UNfortunately at this time in your young lives, exams have to come first :) GIve him a week or two and he'll be back!

  2. OMG. We are in the exact same situation, it's scary!! He doesn't text me much anymore these days. Maybe 3-4 times/day. And he turns down some of my requests to meet up or to hang out. And if my heart keeps dying a little all the time, it's gonna die out whole soon.

    I soooo understand how ur feeling... But hang in there. Let's weather this through together. I'm sure we'll make it out. Take care.

  3. give and take.. :) still baru in the relationship is like that one... you will miss each other so much... like so addicted! haha..

  4. haha u gotta admire your bf's dedication to his studies. It's a really good thing..

    U just need to be the bigger person for this short period, then u guys can have all kinds of fun hahaha :P
    Good things come to those who wait ;)