Thursday, 13 October 2011

87 : Cake

Have anyone heard of RT Pastry Hse?
Its a small bakery in a row of SS15 bakery shops.
They sell one of the most wonderful tasting bread and cakes that i've ever eaten!!
Today, i bought a cake with the cutes strawberries coated with powder sugar to share with my dear, KL, as he shall hence-forth be known as.

He came late!!~ The bloody hot weather killed the cake, no cake taste good when warm.. :(

So anyways, ate the cake together, yedah yedah.. and then!~

Ck : "Eh dear, i want to go to the toilet, want to follow me?"
KL: "Hm?.."
Ck: "Come come~"
KL: "Okay!"

We went to the cafeteria's toilet. Its clean, dry and odourless btw, not some crappy public toilet thing .. The best part is there is a a stall that is extra big, haha putting ma plan into action!!
As we entered the toilet, there were 2 other guys in the toilet, so while waiting for them to leave i proceeded to "wash my hands", KL proceeded and went into a stall. "He doesnt suspect a thing!!" I thought to myself, "The second they leave i shall pull him into the stall!!". And then it happened, they left! "Time to make my move.." Just that moment, another guy came in to used the loo. "DAMN!!" I think i wasted a good litter or 2 pretending to wash my hands..

Eventually, he left. Guess who pulled who into the stall?.. lol, the more experienced one becomes the predator.. i fell prey.. XD. Guess he saw through me plot long ago.. lol, The door locked and i gave him the warmest hugged ever!

Thought out the whole thing he was so cute!! He was so scared that people heard us, the slightest sound and he panicked!! haha, the more he panicked the more i wanted to make a sound!! XD The whole thing proceeded with neck kisses, a little groping, little nipple play, non stop hugging and  my first kiss! (I am that "pure".. lol).

Dear ah.. sorry i was so sucky at kissing la.. i dunno how to kiss that well... lol, give me lessons can anot? XD


 ♥ F.L.Y To The SKY~


  1. Adventures in public restrooms always gets the adrenaline going! So much more exciting right ;)

  2. oh my god , you are so young also want to kiss !!!! , btw , i want to add u on facebook! nama apa!

  3. Toilet action?! Wow, I never! Hahah.

    Congrats on ur first kiss. It will be funny that when you celebrate the anniversary of your first kiss, it will be in the toilet!