Monday, 24 October 2011

92 : Tips?

Anyone got some boyfriend tips?
I'm still not really sure what a boyfriend suppose to do..
Any hidden secrets or things that you do specially for your boyfriend?
Just wanted some opinions.



  1. i have many tips , but not for underaged pple lah klex!

  2. How about make some cards, fold origami( try flower or heart) or make bento

  3. still single, can't help much here.


  4. Things that you do specially for your boyfriend?

    Please him sexually because no one else is supposed to do that. blow his mind away hahaha!

    Haha sorry, I can't offer any actual relationship advice :P

  5. Be understanding and supportive of him. Little surprises are also fun I guess. But really, it all depends on his personality and your personality. And find out things that you both enjoy doing.

  6. surprises lor.. i did it for the first few months we were together! haha.. spice things up then when you reach a steady pace already stop the surprises.. and when he is not expecting anymore surprises you surprise him again! haha..

    surprises can be anything ranging from silly stupid stuffs like giving him undies, getting him some fresh flowers, get him something he wants since he was a child but no chance of getting it since he is all grown up etc.. haha.. go bowling and challenge each other.. have jalan jalan cari makan day or something.. so many things you can do..

    like what aiden say, find out things you both enjoy doing!!

  7. Hey, well I think I have only one tip for you and that is to just be yourself. It's very important that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself (both good and bad parts) around someone you love. In retrospect that was probably why my previous relationship failed... I was so buzy hyping up all that's good about me, I completely stashed away all the negative/weird/quirky parts as well. So a year into the relationship, when I started getting like REALLY REALLY comfortable... well I guess my ex never saw it coming and he wasn't liking what he was seeing which, in turn possibly led to the cheating on me for the remaining year of us being together (not that that excuses him... that bastard!) but yeah... with Ray, the moment he started getting interested in me I already gave him bits and pieces of 'real' Cyren... that is to say Cyren behind all the glam and two foot tall hair that one usually sees... not all at once, of course (you don't wanna scare him off!) ... but you know, in bits, although I must say, that when the clutter in my room (I'm a pathological hoarder) didn't scare him off, I knew it was true love~ ^^

  8. Hmm I like to secretly leave little notes in his pocket when we hug goodbye. Notes can express how you feel about him or something as simple as "Hey! Just wanted to tell you that I love you! ...As if you didn't know already", or something sappy like that. =)

    I recently bought an instant cam and plan to make a scrapbook of us together with the pictures. But films are awfully expensive. Cheaper alternative would be to just snap pics with a regular cam/phone and get them printed at a shop for 50 cents each. You can do all sorts of artsy-fartsy stuff together in the scrapbook to make it all pretty.

    Then again, it really depends on how romantic, sweet, casual or passive the relationship is. And also depends on who is the more dominant partner in the relationship. Only you should know the answer to that. Goodluck, and I wish you every happiness!