Thursday, 6 October 2011

84 : Oops

He grabbed a pen and scribbled 4 letters on the back of my hand.
"Alex"?  I thought to myself as i tried to make out what he had written..
Then it hit me..
"OMG!! IT SAID KLEX, he found my blog, dieeeeeeee"
I was so embarrassed, i was practically speechless...  Oops?

So now my dear has found my blog.. lol.. Now must be careful to what extend of detail i can blog about.. haha

Besides the unconscious blushing, the rest of the day went well. :)
Snowflake, then to the bank...  lol.

Love you dear, *MUACKS*


  1. Hey! Hey!

    Since this is your first relationship, you're excused... but rule number one! No. more. secrets. Especially not semi-public secrets like a blog hahaha.