Saturday, 29 October 2011

95 : Perfect person?

Everyone says that there is no such thing as a perfect person, usually, there is a counter balance in their personality..
A smart person is usually shy,
A jock usually average in studies,
A talented person usually lacking in another field..

Its like playing sims, we were only created with that many points, Add few points to looks, a few to intelligence, a few to outgoing, a few to penis length anything else.
In my case, i think i have lots of points unused..

There is a girl in my class.. Extremely smart girl that gets top marks in all subjects in class. A person like that, you usually expect that person to have some flaw.. But no.. She has tones of friends, a multiple crushes on her, everyone loves her.. Like a perfect person! Smart, beautiful, friendly, charismatic.
The only flaw i've found is that she takes bad photos..

Besides her, there are also a few others like her. Makes me want to scream to the sky!
How i wish i was like them..  Jealousy!

Okay.. this blog post is kinda retarded..
Final exams on the 1st and my brain is going haywire!! >.<


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