Wednesday, 26 October 2011

94 : ...

I had no idea where i was, it was such a foreign place..
Like an abandon urban jungle, vines were growing everywhere, but, it was full of life..
There were people everywhere, like an urban retreat, lifestyle there was luxurious, a hotel maybe?
Suddenly, i realize i was climbing multiple flights of hanging stairs..
It was towards your direction, i could feel it in my bones! I knew where you where!
There it was! That door!!
I open the door and entered the room to see you waiting for me on one of the three white single sofas in the room.. You look towards me and your warm smile greeted me.
I hug you tightly, gently kiss you on the cheek...
*Bzzzzzz* *Bzzzzzz*
My alarm rang.. a dream..

I woke up, got dressed and it was off to college!
There you were with R studying on the exact table as you were yesterday.
As i walked up to your table filled with books and notes,
I could see you were studying very hard, i felt so proud!
But then a sudden cloud of sadness covered me..

Seem like now-a-days the only time i spent with you, you are studying..
I don't dare interrupt you..
I know this exam is very very important and i sound so selfish saying this.. but..
I miss spending time with you.. When your attention was directed only to me..
I feel neglected.. I dont get much of your time anymore..

There is nothing we can do about this.. An exam is an exam, the date is set, pulling you away to spend time with me would be inappropriate..
After a dream where we spend countless hours together, i guess i was just bumped waking up to the reality constricted by time..

I'll wait for you till the 22nd..

Your teddy bear,


  1. student life like that de la! :)

  2. Omg We are in the exact same situation! Only things is that mine is always pre-occupied with work. We don't spend as much time as we used to anymore, and when we do, we're not as energetic and lively as we used to be. =(

  3. Can't you guys at least slot in one meal together a day? Ya'll have to eat lunch SOMETIME right? :/ with me and Ray the golden rule is dinner.

  4. It'll be sweeter after the long wait.


  5. Yea, guess life is like that, work or studies.. Hope it will be sweeter!! haha, and we do have lunch together, but just short lunches before going back to study.. :(