Thursday, 1 March 2012


"Where are you???", he asked me with a playful tone that instantly put a smile on my face.

 "Do you see the line of people lining up? Walk along the line till you find me la", I teased him.

Looking along the back of the queue, I saw a blur looking boy in a subtle blue shirt, holding his phone in his hand and looking at everyone on the queue. His face lighten up as he saw me and I greeted him with an informal one handed hug on his stomach due to the number of friends around and also due to the little factor called the height.

I left my friends at the queue and took a walk around campus with him. Went to his locker and he told me he had something for me. I got him something too actually, a hershey's cookie and cream Giant bar since he liked white chocolate. Racist little boy only likes white..

"Yoorr.. I forgot to remove the price tag.. Turn around, don't see!!". The sound of plastic bag rustling filled the corridor as he struggle to remove the price tag.

"Nahhh.. Something for you", he handed me a little package . It was a keychain, a little wooden carving hanging by the chain with a leaf at the ring. It was his surname "林".

"You keep mine and I'll keep yours", he said as he flashed another keychain with my surname on it. "That way we can keep a part of each other when you are in Australia." I smiled as I kept the keychain.  "Come, hold hands", he reached out his hand to me. We held hands for a while and went to the merchandise booth together.

Bought an awkward turtle, and 2 'nice guys' shirts which one I gave to him later. I still remember how cute he looked when he hugged the turtle plush toy tightly against his chest cause he thought it was cute.

 He stayed behind as I went with friends for the meet and greet session. I got to shake hands with Phillip and Wesley! Received a text from him after the session. He was queuing up at the entrance already(it was free sitting).Sat with him second in line to enter.

We chat, we laughed, I blushed. Resting my forehead on his shoulder, I could feel the warmth and his sweet scent. Often when no one was noticing, he would place his cheek close to mine, close enough for the heat to radiate to me. Told him I was hungry and he bought snacks for me while I stayed in line.  Soon, the doors open and we manage to get a sit the closes to the stage our tickets would allow us, behind the VIP line. It was nicer though, a good 3 meter walk way/foot space for us.

Was quite funny though.. Each time we held hands between the sits something would pop up.
First attempt. We were almost holding hands between the chairs, but he had his ticket on that hand. When he kept his ticket and held hands for few seconds, someone asked us to take a picture.. Failllll...
 Second attempt. During the band performance his hands slowly crept closer to mine. The second we held hands, boom!! The lead singer asked everyone to clap our hands. Failllllllllll..

Dint hold hands after that.. Just finger wars sometimes, tugging on each others fingers when we both folded our arms.  When the whole event ended, we hugged in the hall. I followed him to the car park and I gave him the tightest hug ever.. It was the last time I would get to see him.. We said our goodbyes and we parted.

Concluding one of the most bittersweet day, my last time with him: 
Wongfu productions with penguin.

I still wear it around where ever i go.. Makes me happy seeing it. :D
 A recalled memory,


  1. keep the sweet memories, it helps in lifting ur mood once awhile. BTW, very sweet la

  2. SWEET!!! Haha enjoy it while its still at its best state. what's comes next can really take you down.