Thursday, 10 May 2012

214 : Grudges

Do you guys hold grudges?..
I found myself not holding any grudges recently..

Honestly, i let go of grudges quite fast..
I forgive easily..
But i never have the courage to take the first step to talk to that person again..

When i get hurt, or really pissed, i just shut that person off totally..

When i was form 5, i was back stab and accused of something i did not do by a close friend of mine even though i was the one who defended her. Just sitting 2 chairs away from her in class, i can't believe i never once talked to her for almost half a year. Later, we graduated and our paths never crossed again.. I sincerely regret my decision but i don't dare talk to her again after so long..
I just don't..

I guess since that, i don't hold grudges anymore..
Life is too short to to keep a ball of hatred inside you.
Forgive, forget and pray it never happens again..
If it does, fuck you  just leave them be..


Just a little update.. Been having lots of assignments due these few days.. One due in less then 12 hours and i just barely started.. Getting really frustrated at myself for never being able to focus.. :(


  1. Yup. Me too tend to just drift away from that person if I hate them.

    Good luck on your assignments.

  2. some people became invisible to me, that's just how I do things

  3. good luck in assignments, hehe

  4. Used to but now no more. I prefer to ignore them. Karma is a mean fellow.

  5. What for holding grudges..I better off returning the 'favor' in full =P

    if it cant be done, i will forgive but never forget so that it wont come biting me twice