Friday, 18 May 2012

221 : Monster

I had a close friend during high school, let's rename him Yew.
Yew was always the popular type, famous for his captivating voice that captured the hearts of many.
Tall guy, about one head taller then my short frame, swimmer's build, not bad looking and an narssistic in nature.  

During form 4, I had change my class about one week after the start of the year,
When I entered the already full class, there was only one sit at the end corner of the class, right next to Yew.
So I sat next to him and we got close. Funny habit of his is that he would love to bite people's shoulder, and siting next to him I always fell victim to his jaw. 

During the middle of the first semester, the nickname "Monster" surfaced in our form. All the guys started calling Yew a monster. And I soon found out why..

Was in chemistry class one day when I found out the reason.

"Eh eh.. Look!", he whispered to me while tapping my shoulder.
I shrugged it off knowing my chimisrty teacher's personality, penalties as heavy as death when you are caught not paying attention. 
"Eh.. See...", he attempted to get my attention again. 
"What..", I whispered to him as i gave up.

I looked at him and was seriously unprepared for what I was about to see.

His eyes lead me to look down and he spread open his legs wider under the school desk.
I could see the silhouette of a full hard on of his package under his school pants.
He pressed his hands around the sides of it to make it more obvious.

FUCK!! He was freaking hung!!

Wearimg boxers you could just see the whole thing.
I was baffled, shock and just plain confuse.
It was like the my train of thought just crashed into a horny tunnel and what ever chemistry I was trying to process just flew out the window. 
I calmed myself and sat up straight, desperately hiding my growing erection.

"What la you!!", I said in a soft voice, hoping my teacher don't hear me.

He just giggled to himself.

I don't know did I manage to contain myself but damn was I excited. 
Obviously my eyes was glued to his hard member because our teacher actually noticed.

"YEW!!! LEO!!!" WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING??" she screamed. She stopped the whole class and starting walking towards our table. In my mind was  'I'm dead.. Caught by the teacher looking at someone's dick.. There goes my high school life. I'm going to be sent for counseling, my mum will kill me'.  With all the worst case senerios were going through my head, you can imagine the little men in my brain running frantically and aimlessly around the office like brain structure like those cartoon shows, trying to find an excuss to cover up. We both just wore the blank look on our faces knowing we were in trouble. 

She came over and stood by Yew's side of the isle.

"Where is it?", she asked with a fierce voice. 

She processed to ravage through Yew's desk. We were both literally confuse while Yew just pressed his Chemistry text book on his lap, probably saving the teacher from a heart attack too. Then she stopped.

"Where is the book?", she questioned both of us.. We just gave her a blank face not knowing what she is asking for.

"If i catch you doing other subject's homework in my class you know what will happen ah..", she said as she gave up and went back to teaching.

She thought we were looking at "homework" on Yew's lap.. LOL! Safe!
We both looked at each other and giggled to ourselves.

Anyways, throughout form 4, i got to see the "homework" often, grabbed it a few times too! But sadly he isn't one of us and we drifted apart in form 5 when he started mixing with the asshole gang of the form..

So that's how he got his name "Monster". He was also know as eel once..
Boxers with a seaweed pattern on it and he pulled it all the way down till the boxers revealed everything but the head.. So yea.. the eel is thick too..

Miss him!
Just something a blogger reminded me off few days ago..



  1. Homework, and eel.

    That's the thing with straight men, they like to tease with t"his" thing.


    1. Exactly!! All the mix signals they love to send.. Next time im going to shot them with a gay gun and make them gay.. lol!

    2. I want a gay gun too!!! Where to buy hahaha :P

    3. Hoping next time it will be invented.. LOL

    4. hahaha then the human race will go extinct coz gays like us will use it on ALL the guys muahahahahahaha

  2. i got similar experience too but.. haha... oh well.. good old days...

  3. miss him or his lil hung down there? Lucky you! haha we had a flasher too, half Portuguese, with his veins and all. He literally DISPLAYED it during our first recruit scout camp at night.

    WTHECK, but oh well there are some flashy straights out there.

    MOnster eh?

    1. Both! lol, this is only one of the many people..
      I had one other friend that loved flashing me in the toilet. He would run up to me and fling is dick out infront of me.. Ah... Good times.. Lol!

      Yups.. Nice monster. haha

  4. You must be really hardworking... always on time for homeword... lolllll

    1. Haha, i only stare at the book but never do it.. Pity.. :P

  5. Woah lucky you!! How come I didn't get a friend like that one in highschool? Didn't know homework can be so fun. lol...

    1. Lol, you must get the right subject. haha, im sure your school had things like this going on but you just never noticed them. :P

  6. Such nice high school memories. Mine is like so dull and lonely x.x!! And to make things worst, coming from an all guy sch, no adventures like urs >:(! BUt whatever la :P

    1. What.. Boyschool wor.. Fail school.. LOL!


    1. Only one small part of my high school.. Where got interesting.. -.-''