Friday, 25 May 2012

227 : "I miss you"

The pounding and the heaviness of my heart grew as i just sat there..
Thinking about everything, about him and I..
Depressed and sad status updates flood my twitter and facebook as i try desperately to overcome these feelings..
The feeling just drove me crazy to the point i just gave up.
I grabbed my phone and texted him,
I typed out the content of the text oh so quickly,
Its already familiar to myself as it just overpowers all my thoughts.

" I Miss You. :( "

The 3 letters accompanied by a sad face emoticon, 
to show the grief i feel from his absence..
I hit send and my mind just goes blank in anticipation of his reply..

It never comes...
My message ignored even though i see him online..
And it just stabs a thousand blades through my heart.

A memory from my past that just stayed so vividly in my mind..
Yet it has already been almost 3 months since it happened..

It happened so often last time, and yet i never understood why...

I was in class today when my phone vibrated..
I checked my phone and saw the usual string of whatsapp from my dance group,
but one notification was unique..
It was from Sam..

He sent me the exact text..
"I miss you.. :(".
And i just didn't know how to reply..

I just stared at my phone,
looking at those words..
Unable to think of a single reply i could give..
That wouldn't break his heart....

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