Saturday, 5 May 2012

211 : Sad Songs

Sad songs.
They are there for a reason.

A while back i believed sad songs just pulls you further into a dark hole you have fallen into.
Some people believe that when you are feeling down, you should listen to your favourite songs or rather upbeat songs to bring you out of the depression. That is true to some extent but it brought a horrible side effect, I can never listen to that song anymore.

Don't get me wrong i still love that song but each time i listen to that song it reminds me of a memory i do not wish to remember. Listening to it on repeat almost every moment made me feel better, pumped up and hyped up back then. But now, every beat, tune or lyrics was just infused to that hurtful memory that it permanently changed the mood of that song to me.

So anyways, sad songs are there for a reason. Listen to them when you are feeling down. Thousands of sad songs in the world and there are almost one for each situation ; Broke up but still love each other, One sided break up, I want you back, I hate you for what you did, You cheated on me, etc. Just have to find the right song. Listen to it all you want, it somehow makes you feel like you aren't alone and when the time comes, you will stand up and walk proudly again, leaving the song behind too.

Imagine you go clubbing and the upbeat song you use to clear your depression plays, instant depression.

So use that sad song.



  1. But then we you are in the club, with friends. Hmm...the friend's presence somehow excite me.

    So, I'll probably just dance through the song only.


  2. My ultimate sad song:

    Sometimes when I'm facing a tough time I listen to this and cry like crazy. But this song also gives me strength:

    "And every time I feel afraid, I hold tighter to my faith"

  3. Sad songs make me cry T_T

    After I'm done crying I feel slightly better o_o

    Yep... sad songs are there for a reason... =P

  4. Yup yup it works...Songs practically runs my life.. Heheh....