Thursday, 17 May 2012

220 : Self-reflection

I am a slut at heart.
Given the opportunity I would love to go out and go wild with any and every possible guy out there. 
If there aren't any STDs or HIV around I'm sure a lot of use would go wild too! Imagine the wildest of orgies.. 
That being said, I have principles and made a promise to myself that I would never become one. 
I feel like the White Queen from Alice and Wonderland, calming myself and hiding in fear I can't control my true nature if it were to be release, ultimately ruining my life in the process. 

A little slut in me leaked out a while back, hooking up with a stranger and going to his place for a "swim".
He gave me his number and on a Monday morning, I went to his apartment and...
We swam. 
Yup. Swam a few laps and it was nice.. 
It was what we did before swimming., 
Well, that I would leave it up to your imaginations..

I am an attention whore too.
One of the partial reasons I love to dance.
The second a person gives me the right amount of attention,
We have a winner! You win....  part of my heart.
Dumb isn't it? 

It's hard to take back what is given away..

Fuck those that gave them back..


Happy International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia!!
May 17.
May this day bring awareness to everyone about the degree homophobia and transphobia to people around the world. :)


  1. errrrrrrr.....I'm suck with to guide me along? =P hehe

    as long u are aware of what u are doing and the consequences, it should be fine to go have some fun and explore 'things' =)

    1. Haha, read more story books!! Can get more imaginations.. :P

  2. Slut =P

    erm... ok... swimming as an excuse? haha, use regularly... lolllllll
    The winner gets what? whats the prize?

    seems like some's on grindr... hehehe

    1. Really ah?.. Fell for an old trick.. Haha!

      Hehe.. On jack'd.. too.. ><

  3. So, you are good in swimming ? Breast-stroke ?

    1. Yups! Breast stroke. Up and down the pool. :P

  4. Haha it's more common than you think... the mixture of curiosity, horniness and attraction can make us do just about anything.
    I believe that this 'sluttiness' is a phase, part of growing up, identifying with ourselves, learning the pleasures and technical side of sex, etc. As long as you remember the golden rule: Play Safe!!!

    1. If its a phase.. I get to do more?.. Haha, golden rule will be always stuck in my brain. :D

  5. oo never knew about 17th may!

    oh well, i never had a taste of randomized ahems, but i still do believe in going with the person you think its the one.

    as for slut at heart, everyone have their wild sides XD

    1. Yup. End discrimination day. :P

      I dont know what made me do it.. But it was quite.. Fun?..
      Hope it doenst become a habit la..

      Some wild sides are wilder then others.. lol

  6. share la those details~~ u already admit u like the attention, so just spill :P! My imagination sucks xD

    1. LOL! I dont want! Some people know me personally who reads this blog.. Wonder how their imaginations are running.. LOL

  7. I hope you guys didn't fool around at the swimming pool. hmmm... considering you are an attention whore. Is that the same as exhibitionist? Probably not. hahhahaha....

    I'm a slut too. We could really form a club. And the president of the club would be......? We all know who. lol....

    Was he the one that gave you free stuff? *raise left eyebrows* *winks*

    1. I don't think they are the same... Lol!!
      Lol, jangan buat club tu.. Sure everyone inside date each other and heartbreaks will be everywhere.. Believe me.. Lol, weekly meetings is weekly orgies huh? Lol

      YeA, the free stuff guy. Lol

    2. lollll weekly orgies eh? sounds like heaven. haha...

      So are you going back to see the free stuff guy? That's what we are calling him ok?

    3. Lol, heaven eh?.
      Nope, he went back to singapore. He was only here for holidays. :P

  8. Trust me, you're not the only slut around :) Just be safe!

    1. I will be.. All the STD sounds so scary.. ><