Thursday, 24 May 2012

226 : Nature's Trees

The forest of trees.

At the moment of age,
the little sprouts start growing,
Its not the climate, nor the soil,
but rather nature's programming that causes this occurrence.

Soon, the forest grows throughout the entire region,
covering almost every inch of land,
cutting off light to the pale ground.

Most people leave the forest alone,
only coming back to cut down unnecessary trees to keep it in control,
some people however, see more benefits in the land,
resulting in the deforestation and the flattening of the land.
Nevertheless, the forest will never give up and continues to grow on the land.

Baby ah.. I regret cutting down the forest..
Walking around with your underwear band brushing against the growing stubs,
I felt like dying from the itch.
Scratching your pubic region in public is not an option right?
Although i love the sexiness of the smooth skin, the itch is unbearable..
So i guess only trims for me from now on..
Or i should stop wearing underwear..
Either one..

How do people bare shaving it??

Itchy boy,


  1. One does not simply bare all, either you trim, or you wax... shaving just gonna make you go crazy, fron the itch, or the sting...

    1. ditto!

      i seemd to be using ditto so much..

  2. Haha, now you know why they "want to save the forest" ?


  3. time trim it neatly..wax is good but cost u more but it last longer =P

  4. is it your first time shaving it bare? normally on the second time it won't itch anymore...