Sunday, 20 May 2012

222 : Losing faith?..

Our type of relationship..
Same sex relationships..

A few friends were talking to me about these on separate occasions..
About how they lost faith in gay relationships..
How it never lasts, where it always ends in a heart break..
And we will grow old alone.
Do you think it's true?..

One friend of mine told me he wish he was born straight,
He is still desperately trying to fall in love with girl, hoping one day he can change his preference.
It may sound a futile effort but you can't blame him..

A few years ago a Malaysian couple stayed in uk unlawfully.
They applied for refugee statues and were granted it on the stance that their country forbids their type of relationship.
They were so amiable in a way, running away together due to a forbidden relationship,
The relationship however, became bitter soon after..
An example on how the strongest of hearts could just be broken like that..

Stereotyped gay relationships are where dicks run the whole thing, 
When you get bored you just move on and find another.
So often..
Most relationships never even last past 1 year..
Some people even says that gay relationships should be counted differently,
Something like cat years or dog years. 

Gay relationships are the sweetest in my opinion though.
How 2 individuals manage to overcome all the challenges a LGBT individual face,
And manage to find happiness.
But is it only temporary?

The government have a part to blame for all these,
If it was treated more equally like other straight relationships, we wouldn't face so much of these problems..
If marriage would be allowed, gay relationships would be recognized as a real relationship and less breakups would occur out of plain meaningless reasons.
And if we manage to get child rights couples would have more reasons to stay together for the sake of the child too.. 
In a way, locking down the relationship..

I'm just trying to stay hopeful..
That I would find someone that last..
That I would not fall victim to a stereotype relationship. 
Since last time I guess I'm just scared..
Having flings just so I can feel better but what good is that..
I'm just feeling more depressed before..
I never cried so hard before, yet I just don't know why..

"It's better to grow old rich and alone rather then growing old poor and alone. Studies comes first" 

Hope I can take my own advice.. 
Exams are soon..



  1. Believe that 90% of it ends in tragedy, while 10% will end up in bliss.

    But then again, I am ok and happy being alone.


    1. Such a high percentage don't yea think?..

      I'm not sure if i can live alone.. =/

  2. I believe one of the reasons why lot of people think same-sex wont last long because u never seen one. mass media won't give any coverage on that. so, the only thing that u keep seeing is that how happy the hetero couple is. If u really study the pattern in marriage recently, actually the number of divorces are increasing rapidly in western world and almost anywhere. So, I dont see marrying a girl is a solution if ur soul are not there

    I agreed on ur point that the way we are treated might have make the matter worse. people lost faith on keeping any relationship going for a long time since they cant find any meaning in it.

    Don't lose faith yet. Ain't there a few gay couples that still going on strong even after few years in our circle? =)

    I will keep believing that when two hearts connected, it's all that matters :)

    1. Guess its true about media not giving coverage but gay couples still have a higher breakup rate compared to straight couples.

      I will remain hopeful.
      Thanks soul. :D

  3. dont cry la u sound rily depressed r u okay? anything u can find me okay...take care la dont be too sad u're good looking n in demand sure u just need to be confident!

    and i love ur last line the most.

    fuck all of them out there if I have the moolah when I'm old I'll get whatever I want.

    1. Im average la.. Apa good looking.. -.-''
      Was just really down but i feel better now la..
      Get rich can dy hor? :P

  4. Could't agree more =)

    erm, but kindna think of it, perhaps setting up retirement home for LGBT community isnt that bad an idea after all... lollllll


    1. OMG!! Then you see the old guys.. doing.. stuff...
      Good business?..

    2. Er... Thats why we have private room mah... but who know, bila kita pun dah old-old, nak "naik" itu tangga pun susah... wont de lah... =P

      Well, there's a market for it... can try... can get referral from malimo's shop somemore... lollll


    Don't give up. Just because some people choose the live their lives in a certain way, or end up living that way, does not make them representative of the entire community!

    1. mine 30 months and 21 months each... see.. got good example... simonlover 8 years going nine, germsy 20 years liao... can de!! you just need to find the right one, ngam mou cyren?!

    2. Cyren, you and ray are a damn cute couple la..

      Tuls ah.. Hope i find one la. You also ah! Mr.6ft2.. lol~

  6. I agree with Cyren's comment. Only the negative things dont represent the entire gay community.

    Good luck for your exams (:

  7. Don't give up. Have faith. There's one out there for you. Maybe you might need to dig deeper to find it that's all.