Thursday, 1 December 2011

118: 1st of December

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome(AIDS)

 Happy World Aids Day Everyone!
Today, we unite for those fighting against AIDS, straight and gay.
We dedicate the whole day to bring awareness to the dangers of the pandemic known as spread of the HIV infection.

Apparently reports shows that there is 9-11% of the worlds white population is actually immune to the virus (Bareback anyone?). Too bad not the asian population huh? Anyways, a man known as Timothy Ray Brown that lives in Berlin has been cured of the virus when he received bone-marrow from a donor that was supposedly immune to the HIV virus.
You can read about him more here.

Many breakthroughs has been made for the past years.
Scientist have claimed to come to a functional cure for AIDs by researching on Rhesus monkeys and on another note, a drug known as Truvada has been invented to help prevent individuals from contracting the virus.
Maybe with the continues research and breakthroughs, the spreads of the HIV virus will come to a permanent halt?

Did you guys do anything special today?

I decided to wear a red ribbon and 2 bands for AIDS awareness out for lunch today.
Never give up, Never forget. =D

My arms look quite fat hor?..

Anyways, happy last day of the month! Its a new month and today i read a quote saying:
"December is the Friday of the year"

Quite true right? Hopefully this month will treat me with more love and happiness!

Happy December everyone!
Play safe, love more,


  1. How's yea holiday treating you so far ? Btw, I have watched VSFS 2011 already.


  2. dancer must be more fit ma... lol... perfectly fine la... hahahaha

  3. that called fat hand? i can go commit suicide d....T.T