Saturday, 3 December 2011

119 : Hope

It was actually planned to blog about what a horrible day i had.
At 3am, i received a text that i had to go to time square at 9pm for flashmob practice instead of a dance studio close today because the client requested.
The client it rude, demanding and just a rotten personality.
Like someone said, respect should be earned, not demanded. Overheard quite a few people scolding him behind his back.. haha!

Anyways, due to the last minuteness of the changed of plans, I am forced to take the LRT alone from Asia Jaya to Time Square.
Usually when i take the train, i don't sit down. I can stand perfectly fine and I am sure others need the chairs more then i do.

So today, while i was in the LRT, i tucked myself snugly between the glass and the railing beside the door as i usually do. Anyone else does that? Its the most comfy place. haha! The train was fairly pack, all sits were occupied and there were a few standing passengers. My train of thoughts(Word pun??) was suddenly broken when an indian woman in her mid 30's got up from her seat when the train was still mobile, something that seemed odd to me since people usually don't get up before the train is close to the next station or at the next station. Upon seeing the woman get up, a young chinese woman immediately rushed towards the newly opened sit and sat down.  "Excuse me!", the Indian woman said, "That woman there is having a baby, give her the seat!". True enough, after checking around the carriage, there was a woman carrying her child. The Chinese lady embarrassed, quickly got up and walked to the far end of the carriage, allowing the woman with her child to sit down.

The monorail was crowded as usual and again. Right in front of where i was standing,  there was a man that got up for an old lady to sit down. And again, some guy rushed towards the seat and sat down. Baffled, the old lady and man just stood there stoned. Stupidly, The guy still refused to get up but squeezed to the side making a space big enough for the lady to seat down. Okay, regard that ass who sat down, we shall focus on the kindness of the man who stood up. 

OMG!~ I couldn't help but smile seeing how there is actually good in people. I kinda lost hope in Malaysia after the pass events such as SM get condemn by society.  All hope is not lost after all.. For me anyways. =D

Lots of love ♥,

P.s, Cadbury flashmob tomorrow (3.12.11) in timesquare! If anyone is there, come say hi to me if you recognize me! Im going to be wearing the most retarded knight uniform.. Will post photos after the event!


  1. Yes, I do agree..the space between the railing and the door is the most comfortable place when there isn't any seats available..XD

  2. There are, however only a handful of good people out there...

  3. chen xing sayang ......:) awwww

  4. Cadbury! will there be free chocolate LOL :P

  5. Exactly what J-boy said. Will there be free chocolate? XD

    The last time I used the LRT, I think me and my friends offended a lot of people. Coz they were all fantasizing about doctors and patients since I told them I'm going to be doing MBBS. The people actually made disgusted faces. Hahaha. Also, we were quite noisy. But on the plus side, we did offer our seats to some old people when the LRT got packed. So I think it's all good :D

  6. Oooh. I love getting seats in the LRT, if available. Not that I want to sit, but it's just so I can give it up to the needy when the chance arises. It's the best feeling in the world when they look you in the eyes to thank you. =)

  7. The guy should have said something to the other dude who stole the seat from the old woman...

  8. Plenty of inconsiderate people in the world. And people are usually too 'nice' (read meek) to say anything.