Tuesday, 13 December 2011

126 : Saturday.

Such an overdue post..
Last Saturday was such a hectic day for me.
At 11am, long before my usual wake up time, i had to be in college to met up with everyone. Had breakfast together then we were off to the flashmob client's office in Raja Chulan to practice our dance with the office workers.

After everything we were in the flashmob venue, pavillion. As usual the whole KL area was filled with people, but something extra.. Buddy bears!! They are such cute bears!!

The one that caught my eye the most.. Statue of Liberty! haha

Turns out these bears are by UNICEF to promote global harmony. Each 2 meter statue represents a country. I have to say, Malaysia, i am disappointed in you.. Our bear looks so retarded.. Refer to the first picture for the Malaysia's bear..

Do go take some time to go visit these bears. They are quite a nice sight seeing them lining up around the fountain and the street. haha

Anyways, the flashmob was awesome!!  Some things happened after the flashmob.. but im so tired.. Will blog about it next time..

Till then,


  1. Was at Pavillion today, omg those bears are so cute and Malaysian bear really lame lol

  2. I think Malaysia's bear wasn't the worst of the lot la. At least some effort when into it although, they painted a Monarch butterfly on the side even though Monarchs are not native to our country... which shows little knowledge on behalf of the artist of our own national symbols. Instead, they should have done a Rajah Brooke's birdwing which is our national butterfly. Also the designs painted on it were incredibly generic... although, so were some of the African bears and that Korean bear with the really tacky 'angels' on it.

    That aside, I wouldn't say that Malaysia Bear was THE worst bear of the lot. There were some that were incredibly plain (I shall refrain from naming the country to avoid offending anyone of any specific nationality) which I thought was a complete ripoff and showed little effort on behalf of the artist.

    My favorite I think were the more abstract ones that depicted not national symbols or generic images associated with the nation but various art-styles, such as (Spanish?) bear which had mosaic on it, and the one with the raised up city, not to mention Jew-bear from Israel with the Jew-caps.