Monday, 5 December 2011

121 : Awkward Moment..

The awkward moment of sculpting the breast of women figure out of clay, with your mum right next to you..

Bloody awkward!!

Recently i have been going for clay sculpting classes. It really occupies my time and i always had an interest in art. So, did the general body figure, hands, legs, thigh of a woman figure. It looked all good. Till it was time to add the breast...

"How big you want the breast to be?? Big??", my teacher asked me while holding a big lump of clay. How am i suppose to answer that? "Normal laa..." I replied.

Then i realize.. I have no idea how woman's breast properly look like! Sculpting randomly trying to figure out how a boobs suppose to look like while my mum was sitting next to me the whole time!!(She was taking classes too!) I had to face questions like:

"Eh.. Why so big one?"
"Drooping already la your boobs!!"

So paiseh!! At the end, my sculpted boobs were out of proportion and the position was out.. ><
The curse of being born this way.. We dont see many boobs..  I have no interest what so ever on how boobs look and how big/small they are.. If you ask me to sculpt a penis.. I can sculpt one for you!! Foreskin? Size? Erected? Veins?? Seen many enough to sculpt the perfect one.. haha!!

Hope i can finish the figure as soon as possible!
Till next time,
Lots of love,

P.s. No... Im not going to sculpt penises for random people.. lol


  1. lol. luckily you dont need to sculpt the pussy XD

  2. nothing is perfect so maybe your boobs are mutated in a different way.. only real artist knows how to evaluate! muacks!! :) enjoy sculpting!!!!

  3. Hmm, I find sculpting something that is hard to learn. True ?

  4. hahahahahaha out of proportion and position!! :P
    So was it like one high one low.. or the breasts were pointing at opposite directions? XD

  5. You make yourself sound like a slut...

    MEANWHILE, I was gonna say it can't be more awkward than your mom sitting beside you as you sculpt a penis... perhaps you should try, just to gauge her reaction as you run your hands up and down the shaft, molding it slowly with your every touch, every caress. A finger, nudged ever so slightly against the tip to create the cleft of the glans penis, drawn close to the center as you delicately mark the prepuce. Teehee~

    anyway, is it coincidence or do many gay artists focus mainly on the female form? Or is it just artist's in general. Personally, the reason why I drawn female nudes more than male nudes is because it is a lot easier in that women have more tapering bodies. Male nudes on the other hand... all the muscles... too many angles to work with. Hmmm could it really be all technicality?


  6. Sounds like an interesting class! hahaha. And yeah, I guess that was a really awkward moment XD

  7. You don't need to sculpt the penises of random people. Just do one life-like sculpture of yourself. :P