Friday, 23 December 2011

129 : The chase.

The chase..
When you find someone you like and have no idea what to do..
I have actually never went after people before.. I am horrible at things like this..

You may skip the story..

The story
Recently i went out with a guy i have always fancied..
Before that.. lets rewind a bit..
Few weeks ago, out of impulse, i deleted alot of people of my facebook friends list, including him. Got a few scolding by friends, regretted alot but i knew adding them back would not be an option..

So last sunday, i got a message from him asking me if i was free for snowflake on Tuesday. Was quite shock that he messaged me even though he wasn't on my friendlist anymore. But gladly, i agreed. He told me he had friends tagging along too and asked me to invite a few mutual friends along but i dint. On the day, I went to sunway to met him. Met him by the ice skating ring, alone.. His friend said he will come met us later but never came.. My god.. He was so cute as most hybrids are.. Standing almost half a head taller then me, wearing a black shirt, cargo pants and slippers. It was the first time meeting him and we went for lunch together. We just talked about everything and he was really outgoing.

Went shopping together, he made a lot of cute gestures that made me laugh.. Toke a child's clothes a put it infront of me and asked me if i could wear it, wore a pink scarf and asked me if he looked good and toke a picture of me wearing a crown for fun.. He actually remembers my birthday too.. Throughout the whole day he asked me alot of question like if i wore odd colours, do i like these type of shirts, family members, studies etc..

Today i purposely went to lakeside so i could see him for a while.. Stalker much?

To say i fell in love is not exactly true but saying i like him is an understatement..

The Question
How are you suppose to let someone know you like them with no certainty that the feeling is mutual feeling? Just really curious since i have no knowledge at all in that field..  Texting will be kinda akward if the feeling is not mutual and all..

If you read the story : What will you do if you were me?

Just questions to fill the gaps in my thoughts.. Overall i dont think i will actually go after him though no matter how much i like him.. Im leaving to aussie soon.. =/


P.s. Thanks for the good lucks. I scored 90.5/99.95 for my ATAR. Haha, not good enough for Melbourne Uni but oh well.. Imagine with all the things that went on during my exams, heartbreaks and heartaches and all i still manage to score fairly well.. Imagine without all the stuff that happened.. >.<


  1. Okay first of all, is he gay? :S
    And hybrids? :S

    I feel very blur right now. Maybe coz its almost 4am ><

    But, good luck with him on whatever you decide to do (:

  2. Go out few more times till the awkwardness fades away.

    Then, decides again whether you want to signal him or not.


  3. Not enough for Melbourne Uni?! U doing commerce course is it?

  4. Haha I'm not entitled to give advice on this becoz I suck at it.

    Normally I just cannot resist not telling the person how I feel... but the consequences have always been bad, awkward, embarrassing.
    Yet I still find myself doing the same thing time and time again. LOL. Guess I have thick skin.

    But I think a level headed person would tell you not to confess so soon.

  5. To aiden, yes he is gay, indian mix chinese.. I call them hybrids... haha!

    To chen xing, inviting him out would be awkward also what..

    To Kay, yea, wanted to do commerce in melbourne uni.. Now taking other uni's.

    To Jboy, so.. shall i take your advice and confess?.. ><

  6. No.

    If it were me I would do it. Because I'm reckless when it comes to feelings and love.

    But a sane person shouldn't go bananas on other people haha :P Give it time, get to know that person, and see how things go lah.. At least wait till 2012... u don't wanna end the year feeling stupid or sad right? ;)