Saturday, 10 December 2011

125 : Costume party

So yesterday i went for a costume party event organized by my college's A levels committee to celebrate their last day of college for the year or something..

I have never seen such a failed event in my life..

The turn out was horrible. For a college that has easily over two thousand people, only about 50 people or LESS came for the event. If i was the organizer i would be depressed..

The entertainment however, was good. With an awesome singer and a band that played, not to mention a good performance by the dance club i was kept well entertained. :D Throughout the event.. One thing caught my eye.. My friend's boyfriend.. My god!! SHE IS BLOODY LUCKY!! He dressed up as this undead pirate, with face paint and an a pirate'ish jacket, exposing his chest and rock hard abs!! Eye candy!! My friend had to tell me "woi, stop staring at him.." Oops?

They had tarot reading as well. It was some what accurate.. The cards says i dream big, that i think alot and is an artistic person. The cards also say that im often used by people, that i have to be careful with people around me and with the friends i make. In my future, i can expect a sweet romantic relationship, but be vary of lies and illusions.. True?..

Anyways. Here is a what i wore for the event..

*Pic removed*



  1. u're missing something, a bunny cap~

  2. Lol, the bunny looks kinda "virgin-pink".


  3. Agree! Missing big chunky long carrot to gnaw.

  4. Nice costume! Loving the pink!

  5. I agree with the illusion part. People like you and me... that is to say, romantic people with fairy-tale dreams, we have a tendency of deluding ourselves sometimes with our fantasies. But that's where our friend's come in I suppose. When your best friend is being brutally honest with you, it's not because he/she is jealous of the relationship you have.... well MAYBE sometime it's cuz he/she is jealous... but because he/she cares for you. Now get your ass out there and find a friend that will tell it to you like it is. And then try and make yourself listen. I've since given up even trying to argue with Terri when she tells me that the guy I am seeing is NOT prince charming. She's never been wrong so far. Meanwhile, haven't heard what she's had to say about Rayray yet... although, since we've made it through the one year mark I guess it is all irrelevant? Anyway, why-lah picture removed...???