Saturday, 24 December 2011

130 : Christmas Party

Its been officially 26, almost 27 hours since i have last got some shut eye.
Yesterday, one of the legends from our club threw a Christmas party. It was an awesome party overall actually. We gathered, played secret santa, and 3 friends and i put up an show of the memorial dances throughout the year for the seniors for thanking them for everything. I got a red feathered boa and nerdy glasses specs from my santa. Random much?

Then the hard liquor came out.. Half of 30 over people got pissed drunk!!

Thank you host for starting the night with drinking games. I along with 2 others did not touch any alcohol for personal reason. At first it was entertaining, watching close friends get red and high, then one person gets drunk and others follow closely behind. There was a guy in the party i shall name john,  an open homosexual. John, tipsy, toke M's shirt off and they starting almost grinding each other. And then john licked the chest of M.. So much for being straight M? M then started hugging almost everyone and kissing them.

Avoiding everything happening inside, I left the house and stayed outside at the porch with my friend and we just talked for about 2 hours outside, we could hear the craziness and wildness building inside the house(They already had several neighbors call and complain). It was about 2am.. Suddenly i heard someone calling for Wing's name, screaming and asking where is he. I rush in the house and went looking for him. Wing was lying in a room upstairs. Shirtless, and vomit could be seen on his neck... Turns out he vomited on 2 sofas downstairs, and literally passed out. They dragged him to the toilet and then to the room upstairs. Later in the night, he vomited on another sofa while sleeping.

By the time everyone was almost drunk, most guys were shirtless, one just collapsed infront of me. M tried to hug me but i rejected him, putting out my hand and walking away. Then, when he finally got me, he hugged my legs and just screamed at me..

Honestly i think you are such an awesome friend...
But right..
I want to know, Are you GAY???"

I refused to answer, smiled and tried to pull away from his grip.

"C'mon!~ Just tell me la!~
If you are i can hook you up with a good friend of mine.

Then when i broke free, he was quite pissed and sounded really angry

"CK!!!! TELL ME!!

He just repeated that again and again.. Sucks.. I walked away as a friend tried pulling him away..


Okay, i shall just summarize everything by people.
1. Wing : Got drunk and vomited on 2 sofa's and a 3rd one later in the night. Pass out cold.

2. John : He tongued kiss the straight host for 6 seconds infront of everyone. He kissed M twice with tongue along with another friend..  Started rambling about how the host is his boyfriend and he had to kiss him again and again which Mr.Host did.

3. HM : Drunk girl that bite people. She literally bit almost every guy except me. A friend of mine's wound was so deep he had to treat it.

4. NN : Started beating people and screaming. Aggressive drunk.

5. KM & NT : Vomited dunno how many times. Spend about 3 hours in the toilet vomiting, passing out then vomiting again. I dont dare use that toilet again.

6. M : Hugged everyone and asked me if i was gay. Wonder if he remembers.

7. Iz : Got tipsy, talked to me about how she hates being drunk, got drunk, sobered up, talked to me about her problems then got drunk again at 7am.


Seriously, it was a heart breaking sight. To see people close to you get that drunk and to be in that situation. I am not angry at them but just extremly disappointed at them. The whole house smelled of vomit and they actually broke furniture. Everyone sober was trying to control them.. A girl wanted to try smoking also but we dragged her away.. Just sucks seeing loves ones like that... Sucks badly.
I stayed up the whole night trying to get them to sleep..

The only time most of them sobered up was around 8am.. Waited till 11am then my mum came to fetch me home.

This will be the last party i will go in a while.

Yes i know, people will stay im so immature, dont drink, dont know how to socialize, Blah blah blah. But seeing how drunk and knocked out people are.. I really dont want to be like that.
I want to be in control of my thoughts always. I dont want my emotions to take over..
Honestly, im scared to get drunk.. What if i end up like John?
When Wing was drunk, he actually did something which i heard people talking about.
People started saying he is gay from what he did(which he gay is but very closeted).
I have no idea what he did but i seriously cannot risk being out when drunk.
It is the worst way to out to people.

Sleep deprived,

p.s. Sorry my post is so retarded today. I just want to get everything out before i finally get some sleep. Spend the whole night taking care of the drunks..


  1. what a hot party , and get some sleep!

  2. Gross.... why do ppl drink till drunk and puke? It's so disgusting. And not to say that alcohol tastes very nice also >.<

  3. When you don't drink to get drunk, it doesn't mean that you're immature. In fact, it shows that you're matured! =)

    And.. "Drunk girl that bite people".. OMG! Lock your doors, barricade your windows!! The zombie apocalypse has begun! >.<

  4. Oh no >.< Scary. I cann't take it as well.

  5. Don't want to scare you but there's many more drunken parties to come! :)

  6. looking after them, how responsible and mature, keep it up=) atta boy!