Friday, 16 December 2011

127: Run Away!!

Run away!!
I sprinted away down the isle to Marks and Spencers, the closes shop that was actually big enough for me to go in without the sales assistance unwelcoming glare.
Heart beating in the ear, breathing heavily,  a nervous wreck.. 
I was panicking..
I stood behind the display and just waited there..
Looking out for people walking by the shop..


Today was a full day for me..
Woke up as early as i could, toke a bath and rushed to Sunway Pyramid to met a close friend for branch. Lets call him Wing. lol
Christmas shopping! Bought a yellow tank top and feathered wings for a friend for her to achieve her Victoria Secret look.. haha! I got 1 more outstanding gift to buy and gifts for family. You know who you are outstanding person.. Dont make it so hard for me to buy you something!!

What happened?..
I was sitting with Wing on one of the glass benches provided while waiting for his friend to join us for dinner.
Both of us bored and tired, was chatting away while we watch shoppers go by.

Then it happened.. I looked to my left..
I saw someone wearing black and red, the taylors college tee. My horrible eye sight could not see his face in detail but i could make out the black specs he was wearing.. KL!?!? KL always wore that shirt when i was still going out with him and he wore black specs too.. OMG!! It was him!! RUN AWAY!!!

"FUCK!! Why is he here?? Damn damn damn damn!!"

I left Wing sitting there confused as i ran away to hid.. Looking outside to see him walk by.. It was a mix feeling.. A huge part of me dreaded the thought of seeing him.. What if he was with someone new?? It will hurt.. A small part of me in the other hand.. really wanted to see him..

My phone vibrated.
Wing :" U bitch. Is not him lah walaoooo"
I walked back in shame..

Wing asked me something meaningful.. "Why must you be the one that avoids him?"..

Not sure about the answer...
Was quite down after that..

Flashmob again this saturday in sunway pyramid..
Dancing flashmob should be my permanent job..
Lots of love,


  1. you know what? wing is right.
    I think you should be more look conscious now, make your self look at the best you can and go out there. If KL is around, then walk pass by him. show KL that you are fine without him.

  2. Wa u remind myself of a 15-year old me. Back then I used to look the other way or pretend to be distracted and not see an ex.

    Nowadays I'm like give them a 'oh-look-its-you-LOL' glance and give a dimpled grin towards a direction that is not theirs but they can still see (get what I mean?? :P) and go on looking like I'm having a fabulous time. Without him.

    You'll get there =)

  3. Well, if it's him also, you can always say "Hi!" with class.


  4. Walk by without looking at his FACE :D Pretend that you've never met this guy in your life before. Never ever look at him! :)

    Smile always :D

  5. if i may, just face him and be nice to him. you'll have nothing to lose, but only gain to respect for yourself. a failed relationship isn't a sin nor is it guilty. you have nothing to hide from. :)

  6. OMG don't run!

    Why run away from an ex, that's a sign of shame and guilt.
    What's in the past is in the past. We can't change that. Stand up for yourself.
    Not saying you should act all happy and rub it in front of him. Just that you don't need to avoid him or do anything extra. If you see him, you see him.

    Just be yourself!!! :)

  7. Never easy having a meetup with an ex so I can really understand the urge to hide behind a pillar!

  8. Sweetie, I'm going to give you some advice here and that is that your friend is absolutely, one hundred percent correct. Dealing with an ex is like dealing with a bully, or a particularly difficult animal: you cannot show weakness. Sure there will be periods of mutual avoidance and things like that but should you 'accidentally' bump into each other randomly, you must not do the running. You have to put gather your composure, put your best (literally!) show forward, and stand him down until he walks away. Teach him to fuck with people's feelings in the future.

    Personally, I never run away from an ex. In fact, I usually go out of my way to drive home the point that life since them has never been better (even if it may not necessarily be true at the moment). Remind him about what part of you he liked in the first place, and then walk away.

    hugs, cheers, xoxo

  9. I guess you'd feel differently when you've moved on from him. I think. Haha. I think if I was in your situation, I'd do the same XD