Thursday, 8 December 2011

124: Cat

3 days ago, i heard my brother screaming for me from the garden.
What was the rush?
A stray cat.
An extremely friendly stray cat that actually started purring on my brothers leg.
Since my brother and i love and always wanted a pet, a dog actually. We were petting her and playing with her.. 
Then it was time to go, we both had things to do..
Guess what? The cat never left..  She is always outside in my garden, waiting for my brother and i to get home.
Each time we open the car door, she rushes to us from a corner of the house.

The morning after our first encounter, when my brother and i was still asleep, the cat actually came into my house and went upstairs!! Was walking around upstairs and my dad had the shock of his life when he saw her around. She then followed me dad downstairs..

About an hour ago, when i was in my living room, the cat was meowing outside the main door. Naturally i ignored her, i played with her the whole afternoon and i wanted some "me" time. The cat usually just sits outside. Until.. she found out that she fits through the grill door.. ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE!!
She came in.. Walked over to me.. Jumped up the sofa and sat next to me. Initially i was like "OMG!! MY MUM IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!! GO AWAY!~~~"
And then.. something happened..

She fell asleep..

My heart melted..

The thing is i still dont know if this kitty wants to stay here permanently or just wants a hangout spot for a while. She goes missing once in a while and comes back afterwards.. Did we just adopted a cat??

Her name is "Hiao" by the way. For obvious reasons.. haha!

Another flashmob coming up in pavilion this saturday.
Haha, and tomorrow im going for a costume partyish event.

*image removed*

Hint on what im going to wear.. Can anyone guess it??

Till next time,
Lots of love,


  1. I'm really really afraid of cats. But at the same time, I find them very cute!

    Your costume: Easter bunny? XD

  2. It look like my hometown stray cat. I name her as xiao qian... now got kitten as well....

  3. I love cats. More than I love dogs, in fact... which is weird considering the fact that I have two dogs and no cats. But perhaps that has something to do with my mother... and father... who abhor cats. They're dog people.

    I wonder what this prejudice towards felines most (I say most, not all, mind you) dog people have towards cats... impersonal, some say... or aloof... maybe snobbish... but how would they know right? They never owned a cat! Then again, perhaps they made that assumption based on observation. What they see stray cats do etc. etc.... but i think that's hardly fair. I mean, what kind of impression would I get about dogs if I based my entire judgement on my observation of mangy strays. But maybe that's the prejudice cat people have against dog people talking.

    Personally, I love cats and dogs. But maybe cats more, if only because they are independent. Or at least, I think they are. How would I know, I've never kept a cat... but I think they are. I find dogs a little bit too... clingy at times, and that clinginess bothers me somewhat. Not that that clinginess doesn't have its advantages... they're both awesome animals, in their own way, and I try my best not to compare the two.

    Since when did "dog" become the opposite of "cat" anyway. And there's a difference, between treating something as an "opposite" to treating something as "different than" something else. And the way people compare dogs and cats are as if they were opposite. Well, they're not. I suppose. To expect a cat to behave more like a dog, or a dog more like a cat would be flawed in the same way that you cannot expect a toad to be more like a butterfly... or a gay person to be more... "heterosexual".

    Anyway, I'm going off topic here. In conclusion, that is a cute cat, and I think she has adopted you.

    I also like bunnies. Are you going as a bunny?

    But as I've said, I love all animals.

  4. Omdays! I loooove cats! Anyway, it's a good omen when a pet comes voluntarily into your home. I think it's time for you to buy some kitty litter and make sure you keep an eye out for it scratching your furniture.

    And when can I come over to see the cat? Meowwww! :P

  5. Well, you just got your wish for a pet fulfilled. Hahaha!!!

  6. argh... i got that in one of my profile pics.. lol..

  7. hmm it is strange coz normally stray cats do not behave like that and wanna get human attention..

    Maybe it had a previous owner that abandoned it or something. But good that you and your bro are so welcoming towards it :)

  8. Once you let the cat in the house... it's a done deal.

  9. To Aiden, They are harmless creatures la.. (I got scratch though..) Kitty used scratch! Its Super Effective!

    To Khai, my friends are warning me to not let her breed.. lol

    To Cyren, I was a bunny!! Muahahahaha!

    To Jason, Keeping!! lol

    To Vin, cannn.. haha, bring your doggy along! The trade is still up!

    To Alex, haha correct! XD

    To Calvin, but i still want a dog~~ haha

    To Tuls, Got what?... The bunny ears or the cat?

    To Jboy, Exactly!! How could someone abandon such a cute little thing!! XDD

    To William, but dunno this cat le.. One min its around, the next missing already..

  10. Hey just thought of something funny LOL. Do you watch Phineas and Ferb?
    U know how Perry always goes missing and Phineas goes 'Where's Perry?'... hahaha maybe your cat is doing the same thing like Agent P! :P