Thursday, 8 December 2011

123 : Crushes 2

Okay.. Kaylex kena cupid shot..
About time right?? haha
So now i am in lala land, floating in the clouds..
Drifting, fantasizing, dreaming~
Will gravity pull me down?.. Or will i float to my destination le?..
I wonder..


What is this? another post about crushes? Yes it is..
Kaylex has many many crushes but never pursue them.. Too scared perhaps.

So, an hour ago, i had a "liked" on one of my photos by a guy i had a crushed on in form 4. Totally forgot about him.. Haven't talked to him since the beginning of the year. It was a really particularly weird crush you might say. Very, very weird. He was the athlete of the year, a very popular guy, a gymnast, a taekwondo black belt,  a rebel that stands for his beliefs and also, a latin dancer. Whats so weird about the crush? I dint fall for all those, but i fell for his scent..  (Yes.. He is straight)

I remember his scent, it was a musky yet sweet smell.. gah!! I'm such a weirdo right?? Some how i just pick up his smell and it was addictive!! I feel so creepy now.. Last time when i sat next to him during some occasions, i would just lean towards him abit just to get the scent..

There was once, i remembered, i was sitting in his class during free period. A group of us were sitting down in a circle by the back door and talking and laughing away. My back was facing the pathway of the door and many people were entering and exiting the class. Suddenly i picked up something and just blurted out "Hi (insert his name here)!~" loudly before even turning around to check it was him. And of course, it was him. He just stood there, was quite baffled on how i knew it was him.. I really dunno how i picked up his smell when he walked behind me... Im creeping myself out recalling how much of a weirdo i am..

He dances latin.. So bloody bonus!!~ Once i was put in charge of latin performance for a school event. So naturally i called all the latin dancers of my form to perform, he was the only other guy. During between practices, he actually grabbed me once and told me "cha cha" while immediately doing basic cha cha steps, leading me along. (In latin dancing, the guy gives signals to the partner to execute the steps he wants her/he to do through little tugs and pull of the hand known as leading.) My god, i feel so embarrassed that i actually danced latin hand in hand with a him, and i was doing the girl's steps!!

Anyways, soon, as time pass and SPM approached, i spent less and less time with him and kinda lost the crush feeling. But during a study break when hanging out with him and another close friend, he told us accurately his penis size..   lol?

I still love his smell though.. Quite weird right?..
This is :

The weird story of
falling for someone because of their 

May it be published with more details and become a top hit seller book.. haha!

Thank you guys so much for your comments on my last post.. Was seriously down for some reason..
Feeling much better now. Adding the feeling of a new crush, Im super happy. Hope the feeling lasts?

Love you guys lots,
Till then,

Awesome song by the lovely Karmin.
"Who do you think you are???"


  1. You're thinking with the wrong head my dear.

  2. hahaha i get what you mean! Even my boyboy has his own smell which is so electrifying xD! I've to say that smell is a super bonus *_*

  3. It's not weird at all to like how someone smells. My Mum loves how my Dad smells. Hehehe...

  4. To ooi, he isnt smelly la... >.<

    To Cyren, LOL!!!

    To Alex, Im yet to find someone that tickles my nose.. XDD

    To Calvin, haha, but it was weird the fact that it was a really strong smell to me.. Like i can smell him a meter away..

    To chris, you can say that.. lol