Tuesday, 6 December 2011

122: Flawed..

I am terribly flawed
I am not good looking,
I am not tall,
I am not attractive,
I am often a pessimist,
I am often too sensitive,
I am often bullied, push around,
I have low self confidence,
I don't have many close friends,
I am still holding on to memories..

I just feel so lonely now..
I want to talk to someone yet the little voice in my head is telling me that i might be annoying the people i usually talk to..
They have their own problems too..
I don't want to trouble them..

I want a best friend...
Someone that picks you first when choosing a partner,
Someone that goes everywhere with you..
Every best friend i had has drifted away..
Being in a different college with everyone makes matters worst..

I feel so lonely..


We all want somebody..
When it gets cold, When it gets lonely.. :(


  1. it's going to be okay *hugs*

  2. Well, despite being lonely, we get to be close to ourself.

    I find it a blessing instead.


  3. *look into the mirror*


    wah... today look not bad... dark circles quite thick but its ok, tonight come back sleep more then can liao.. ok!! fighting!!

    ok, i dont usually do that la.. but sometimes when really cb ugly then it does work lor..

    no life is perfect de..

    everyone will go thru that stage youre going thru la..

    low esteem biase one.. but cannot be no esteem at all.. every morning we sure stim so all we have to do is to put our ass infront then got self-asstim ok! normal people no s.e. nvm, we gays die die also must have one... thats in everyone of us..

    sometimes instead of talking to someone you could just write emails and stuffs.. or write in down in your blog whatever you wanna rant then at least keluarkan everything unsur kedalaman yang benci and stuffs out.. haha...

    its gonna snow soon liao i hope! here got no snowflakes la.. i want my tauhua series........


  4. tuls , do u really want to have sex with me .....

    kaylex , everyone is flawed , u know ur in love if u love a person for his imperfections , not his perfections

  5. no body is perfect

    love yourself the way you are, then people can love you too