Thursday, 11 October 2012

300 : 100 Facts

Here lies 100 random crap facts about me that nobody cares.

1. I am born with a penis which is attracted to other penises.
2. Currently studying business in Australia.
3. Have a twin brother and an elder sister.
4. Mama's boy at heart.
5. Used to doodle a alot when i was young as well as attended drawing classes.
6. Practically tone death.
7. Can't sing to save my life.
8. First dance i joined was in form 1 school concert. Had to wear a "male night gown" to portray that era. Most Embarrassing Thing EVAR.
9. Started properly dancing in form 4, inspired by my best friend that had changed school.
10. Dance urban, latin and ballroom as well as contemporary. Or try to?
11. Love spicy food yet i can't handle it at times.
12. Love eating lemons.. People think i'm crazy.. but its really good..
13. Although a coward, i love watching horror movies, traumatized for 1 day to 1 week max.
14. Worst horror movie i watched was "doll master". Freaky shit!
15. Can't stand gore or thriller movies. Blood by knife or torture is just really creepy..
16. I love wearing plain shirts, no brand, no logo just one colour.
17. I have a plain shirt in almost every colour.. Except brown..
18. I don't own any high end branded clothes.. I think the most expensive i ever bought was an esprit tee.. So fitting and sexy!
19. People think i'm older then i really am..
20. Absolutely love soft toys. But it has to be an animal.
21. I own 4 dog, 1 duck and 1 shark soft toy so far..
22. Need something to hug to sleep every night, which now is my shark.
23. Love animals to the max.
24. Wanted to be a vet when i grew up but family issues prohibits.
25. Only pet at home are fishes. Boring little animals they are.
26. I'm terrified of lizards and frogs of all things. I'm not even scared of snakes.. but lizards.. I would run a mile from them.
27. Favorite animal now are yellow ducks.. yup. Ducks.
28. Really love nature! So many species and all so unique!
29. I'm a korean fanatic.
30. Favourite korean groups are BigBang and 2ne1. YG family bias.
31. Apparently i have thick lips.
32. My assignments are usually done on the 11th hour and 55th min.
33. Consider myself a lucky person academic wise.
34. Currently addicted to dried fruit and nuts.
35. Was a leo club member in high school
36. No preference when it comes to noodles or rice.
37. Really stingy with money.
38. Only drink sky juice and occasionally fruit juices.
39. Used to prefer vegetables over meat when young, now its the other way round.
40. Attracted to shinny things.
41. Kinda low self-esteem.
42. Love cold weather over hot weathers.
43. All time favourite Disney character is Stitch.
44. Social whore, love to belong to groups.
45. Honestly a hypocrite(who isn't?) to certain people.
46. Paper freak.
47. Love arts and crafts.
48. Express love by giving handmade book marks to people. So far only made 6. 3 for family, 1 for a best friend, and 2 for two guys which i never had a chance with. Kena dumped before i could finish one for my ex.
49. Wears glasses when studying.
50. Favourite colours are basically bright colours, especially blue, red and yellow. Superman?
51. Only out to 7 straight people so far, 2 guys and 4 girls.
52. Sister knows I'm gay.
53. Really hyper in nature.
54. Talkative to certain people.
55. Lame jokes fill the air when i am high.
56. High when lack of sleep or with large intake of sugar.
57. Really scared of good looking people especially guys.
58. Terrified of people's boyfriends.
59. Sucked up my way through high school.
60. Used to take part in acting competitions.
61. Don't expect anyone to read so far, so i might as well add more private stuff.. Still reading?
62. Still a virgin, front and back.
63. Formal wear fetish. I love dressing up in slacks and a shirt.
63. First ever boner i ever remember having was watching Arnold Schwarzenegger getting stripped in "Jingle All The Way". Lol, 1996?
64. Apparently i have value in the thai market over 25.
65. Had cuddle sessions with only 3 guys before, one singaporean and 2 thai guys.
66. There have been only 3 guys that i really fell hard for.
67. First serious crush in form 4, first relationship last year and fell really HARD for one guy beginning of the year.
68. Never had a movie date before. Boohoo.
69. Kinky number ain't this?
70. Seriously having trust issues since some event that happened.
71. Absolutely love celery although most people don't like em.
72. Not inked.
73. Pierced.
74. Been clubbing only twice. Didn't enjoy it.
75. Never got drunked before.
76. Punctual.. Sometimes..
77. Still watches cartoons. Fairy odd parents and avatar the last airbender are a few to name.
78. Have an undeniable attraction towards guys with small eyes.
79. Charming smiles that makes their eyes almost a line just melts my heart.
80. Jboy, the answer to your question is 10.2. Now sshh and don't ever speak of it again.
81. Love Tall, Fair and Charming. White skins are so nice!
82. Wake up at 9am automatically everyday.
83. Once every few weeks i would wake up sneezing.
84. All jeans look the same to me as well as handbags.
85. Would spend on others more then myself.
86. Naturally flirty towards really obvious gay guys, but not the "i want your dick" type, just the friendly type.. lol?
87. Best friends are guys.
88. I secretly love a crab. :3
89. Chocolate cheese cake. <3
90. Vertically challanged, bit horizontal too.
91. Born and raised Malaysian.
92. Favourite part of a chicken is the bone marrow at the bottom of the drumstick piece. Know where?
93. Wish i had more gay friends to talk crap with. Usually now its just Jboy. lol
94. Sleep shirtless even though it winter. Love the body contact.
95. Love hugs from behind. Who doesn't?
96. Favorite fruit are peaches and apricots.
97. Hyper x horny after midnight.
98. Great at taking stalker pictures
99. Naked under my clothes, i bath naked.
100. Procrastinator. I started writing this on the 27th of September. lol
101. I wish i can let go all hopes of penguin completely by now.
A friend suggested to write this and heck why not.
Its not like i can appear anymore boring as i already am.
So here yea go! 100 facts pointless random facts about me, 1 fact for 3 post i did.
I can't think of anymore.. lol



  1. hahahaha. less than a month, that's good enough. think i can come up with 10 only.

    A crab? what u mean by a crab? hehe

    1. Haha, someone with shares a name with a crab.. :3

  2. I can't believe I actually read the entire thing. But since I have read it, might as well admit it right. Haha.

    I'm the same with #57. As for #58, I have had bad experiences before. So I'm always a bit cautious.

    1. Curious about what?..
      Scared of good looking people too?.. ><

    2. haha cautious about talking to people's boyfriends.

      yeah. good looking people scare me. sometimes i feel like they're thinking "ew. go away. you're too ugly" hahaha

    3. I don't even talk to people's boyfriends cause i always get that exact "ew. go away. you're too ugly" look when i see them.. >< #uglyguyproblems

  3. hahahahaha <3 My lips are sealed

    1. Hehe, what do you think joker?

    2. longest relationship? 10.2 mth?

      erm... something... I dono...

    3. lol my longest relationship was about 1.2months instead. Lol, i shall keep it a secret.. :D

  4. how long did you take to write this ==

    1. Lol, 27th july until the day i posted lo.. So.. 15 days gua? Haha, everyday write one or two that pops up about me.

  5. No.1 makes me laugh. No.31 you missed out thick sexy eye brows too. Hehehe... No. 48 make me one too! I love bookmarks and I'm an avid reader so I need lots of bookmarks. *wink wink... No.80 10.2? Ooo... so geng ah? LOL...

    1. 10.2 stands for 10.2 cm, as in your full erected penis size? or 10.2 sec it takes you to cum? haha
      like your 100 crappy facts, i like no1 very much, i love penis. haha

    2. No book mark for you calvin. Unless you manage to make me fall for you. lol

      And no.. not penis length.. Jboy did ask me that though.. Haha, could be the time i can make you cum. =P
      We all do. :3

  6. No. 1..what a great way to start the no. 48, pls make those book marks and give 'em out ;p Hye no. 61 doesn't count..haha No. 62 is it a plus point? Hahaha

    1. Haha, make me love you i make one nice nice one for you. Lol, 62 got two points to compensate mah.. lol

  7. Virgin front and back... abit hard to believe... herm... your definition of virginity... herm...


    1. Lol, i thought there is only one definition of virginity??

  8. First ever boner i ever remember having was watching Arnold Schwarzenegger getting stripped in "Jingle All The Way". Lol, 1996! - you must be joking rite? :P

    1. What.. Lol, a buff guy being stripped... It was practically soft porn when i was young and innocent, not like i'm not innocent... haha, you remember the movie?

  9. Surprisingly, around 60 over 100 same with seriously and ya..I'm really nothing to do at this kind of time to count and

    1. Lol i guess those are really general.. Write out your other 40 then?.. =D

    2. Ya. Made me wonder what others I have and another 40 make each of us unique right? ; )

    3. Haha, the 100 makes us unique la.. Shall i look forward to the 40?

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