Sunday, 14 October 2012

302 : A Lecuter II

Remember few weeks ago I meet my university Lecturer at my work place with his group of friends.
I never told anyone about my discovery of his sexuality though.

During his lecture this week a friend of mine caught me of guard with a question :

"Eh.. You know he is gay?"
"Huh? How you know? Don't me so bad la"
"No, sure confirm he is gay already"
"What did he do wor?"
"Last week you never came for lecture, he opened the MYER website to explain a point, he literally said 'and here, you see all the hot guys wearing the clothes' and when everyone burst out laughing he looked like he was in shocked, stumbled a bit and said 'Er.. There are cute girls too'. That's why people say he is gay."
"Okays.. He gay.. "

Lol, so now everyone knows he is gay without me even spilling the restaurant event. 

This is what happens when you are too used to talking to gay people. I nearly fell victim to this too, I asked a straight guy friend 'Your boyfriend le?' without thinking. Thank god I manage to save and told him the word 'boyfriend' slip my mouth when I thought of asking the same question to a female friend if she had a boyfriend.

Process before talking?..


  1. Same here. I was talking to a fren's abt how good looking her brother is.

    I din even talk abt her sister.

    One of the dudes jz ask me, r you gay?

    I jz replied, cuz i hav no sisters i tend to left them out unconsciously

    1. Awkward moment for your friend?? LOL

  2. As a paranoid closet gay, I always alert what I'm trying to say.

    By the way, in my Uni got one lecturer was teaching, then something pop up...he was downloading gay porn...LOL

    1. OMG! LOL!!! What was everyone's reaction?? Later 2 days later your lecturer got a new student boyfriend. haha

    2. We all just pretended nothing happened, but the whole Uni can hear about this

      He is quite cool about it and my friend saw him with his boyfriend once. Lovely couple =)

  3. Indeed. Take a moment, few seconds to let the thought settle down before uttering the question.