Monday, 29 October 2012

310 : Once bitten, Twice shy, Trice?

Exams are here..
Studying through the late night when the my phone whatsapp notification rang..


Someone i never expected to hear from..
Its been almost 7 months since i last talked to him..

He didn't sound like his happy self he used to be, the "..." at the back of each sentence sent to my phone which set a sad tone for the whole conversation.

He watched Wong Fu's "The Last". I guess that video served it's purpose.
Who, What, When, Where, Why, triggering every memory of loving and loss a person could have, or rather what they wished to have..

He told me he did something stupid, where he lost someone he really loved, that he was scared he wouldn't be accepted again..


The boy you talked to me about, the boy studying abroad in Melbourne, the boy you hurt so badly, breaking his heart in every way possible. I know it's not me.. I wouldn't be, and i would never be..
Everything you made me believe last time was never what it seemed.. The person you told me you loved was someone else when i was with you.. I actually believed it was me.. It was foolish of me..
A lot of people told me you are a mean person, where you go around breaking people's hearts.. But hey, see it in another way.. Everyone is just finding that right person, and you are too. I guess people just fall deeper for you than you for them..
I know you can make it up to him.. Good luck..
Lots of Love... 


  1. I should say he will have some hard times first, then only he able to find the beloved. Bless him.

    Watched the Last too, sure can make couples reflect a lot..even for single man like

  2. All the best to your friend... and to you my friend =)

  3. Awww Penguin is actually quite cute... I think I've said before that I wanted to pinch you both in the cheeks last time haha...

    In a way he's just like John Mayer, if you have been following the tabloids haha. The guy has serious commitment issues and jumps from one girl to the next, but always ends up with the same problem, and all the girls he has dated ends up frustrated and move on.. Word has it that Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is based on him.. Hmm I'm so random hahaha :P

  4. i think he is quite evil by talking abt his ex crush to you.

    And it is very big of u to be the better person