Thursday, 18 October 2012

305 : Respect

Respect used to be associated with age, but not anymore.
The younger generation aren't push arounds anymore.

"Respect must be earned" - A line which i been hearing again and again.

I respect everyone, younger and older, as a human being.
If you are high and important, fine. Automatically you gain my respect, you must be went through a lot of shit to get to where you are now, but when you expect people to worship you? Get off your stupid fantasy land please.

During a lecture, another lecturer came in and took 10 mins of the lecture time to talk about the importance of Econometrics for our future. Being the last week of university before exams, some people left the lecture when she started her talk. The lecturer stopped her talk, glared at them leaving and said "Well, we don't have to compete with them for a job in the future". Like wtf?

Yes, i agree that what she was saying was important, but for her to put herself to a point where she insult students when they are leaving? Bitch! Its university, not highschool! Lower your stupid ego bitch, you aren't absolute key to our future. She told us that she will be only taking 10 mins of our time but she was still talking after 15 mins. That point, a student did something that no one expected.

"Excuse me, i know what you are saying is important and all, but this is our last lecture for revision, you come in here saying you would take 10 mins but its 15 mins and you aren't even close to finishing. We need our revision, exams are 2 weeks away."

The look on the lecturers face, priceless.

Similarly, people like my uncle. Does all the crap in the world and expect me to respect him. If you won't talk to my mum when she talks to you, don't expect me to respect you no matter how many things you bring over.

Realize everyone gets medium respect initially to me. Shake my hand with a firm hand straight, gain full respect, shake my hand like a jellyfish, i would slap you like a jellyfish*.

All that being said, some young people still need to learn how to respect people. Its common courtesy such as don't talk when someone else is talking, listen to when people are talking, face them when they are talking, let the older people board the train first, understand not everyone is born 'normal' and such.

Rant rant rant,
Busy week!


  1. Yeap yeap! Totally agree!! If one's attitude sucks, he/she wont get my respect despite the age/status factor :)

  2. But the world is more interesting with different/these type of people around us (;

    1. I never thought of it that way before.. Lol,
      Totally true!! XD

    2. Sometimes (actually most of the time) we should try to learn to look at things/situations in a different perspective. Then you might find that things sometimes aren't always seem like what they seem to perceive (;

  3. have higher power does not mean can get my respect, but the manner and attitude =)

  4. What's a jellyship? hahahaha...

    And as I learned from playing GTA and running down civilians with a stolen car, Respect is everything, with the mafia I mean :P

    1. Sorry, typo! Paiseh!
      Damn random as always la you! haha

  5. herm... culture maybe... lol~