Saturday, 13 October 2012

301 : Depleting Youth?

The future is a really scary place ain't it?
The uncertainty and unpredictability of it, adding the fact it will come no matter what.

The pass two weeks has been killer busy.
Assignments due, surprise test and scheduled internal exams all drawing near as the semester ends.

With all the events going, a number of big bosses from Malaysia were invited over to give speeches as well as to give young students a chance to apply internship at their companies. A friend of mine with a few others heading a large student organization got really involved, having almost every meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the head of companies for few days straight such as PWC, CIMB, E&Y and the list goes on. He have a number of pretty good offers by a few companies.

Of course jealously filled my heart, he had such a good opportunity, he is doing what my dad dreams of me doing, to get powerful connections in top companies and to intern before even graduating.

Anyways, I told him honestly i really wish i had his opportunity to build the connections. Only the top committee members of his organization have that privilege. He told me to run for the committee, i wouldn't mind but seeing him have an event almost every week that requires compulsory attendance, i told him i might not be able to be so active, i'm already juggling studies, social life, 2 dance societies, a normal society, and work.

He knows as well dancing eats up 40% of my time and commented :" Dancing isn't that important, this has to do with your future, think how much easier finding a job with being a committee. Must get your priorities straight mah."

But honestly.. If i don't dance now, will i get a chance when i'm older?..
Would you enjoy your passion while you still can or do whats best for your future?
Its a lose lose situation if you ask me.




  1. My dance passion still burning inside me.

    But then at the same time, I got to be good at my career as well. Having said that, indeed "networking" is important to make it big in whichever industry you are in.


    1. You dance also?? We shall dance together sometime!! =DD

      Networking is scary lo.. =/

  2. You have actually answer your own question. Continue ur passion for dancing. You only live young once. Plus, grades is equally important as networking. If you have first honour, it will easier to land the job u want. If u didn't, networking can only help u so much as to an interview. Good luck :)

  3. Oh Leo, that's why the secret to life is to find the right balance between what you like to do, and what you need to do...

    and when you find the secret to balancing that, please do me a favour and tell me :)

    1. I doubt i would find it lo..
      At least not in time.. Can you find it for me?.. ><

  4. I think.. it's a delicate balance, but there's definitely more than 1 way to achieve success, or I guess I should say there's no right way to do it. It depends on how you want to do it..

    Recently I've been job hunting, scouting many job sites, newspapers, browsing through hundreds of job ads, management trainee programs, going for interviews, etc.. And what i find is that the employers from the biggest and best companies want diverse individuals.. obviously academics ranks highly (GPA, prizes, awards, the Uni), other than that they really want to see initiative during your studying years, things like leadership or dominant roles in clubs/societies/sports...

    These are the things you put in your resume that GET YOU NOTICED in the first place to score an interview. Then when you go to the interview, those things almost become redundant, as they really want to get to know you... Self presentation, confidence, communication, expressing your passion for the industry, motivation, etc..

    So, long story short, you need to see if dancing serves it's purpose for you, whether it justifies the amount of time and energy you put into it. For me, I had certain activities that I was really passionate about, but while I was in Uni I had to put that aside or spend less time on it, because my main priority was getting very good results, and sure it enough I did haha! I didn't do much activities or socialize extensively in Uni, but thankfully my high school years were quite productive :P

    But making contacts early on is definitely a plus point! The more people you know, the better :D

    1. Jboy, you always got the best advice..

      Dancing wont serve much purpose in the future..

      I want to dance but i want a future also..
      Adding the fact my academics sucks too and i'm not much active in other stuff besides dance.. :(

  5. lolll~ dont envy that guy la...

    you are just as good if not better =D

    ps: sharing table with big shots does not make you one. you need to make yourself one, that the fun part =)

    1. lol, i'm not la..
      Sharing a table makes you easier to become a big shot lo.. =/