Monday, 15 October 2012

303 : Dreams

No no, this isn't some 'i wish i can stay in dream land and escape reality' thing.
Weird as it sounds, its the other way around.

I'm the type of person who has really extreme dreams, unconsciously taking advantage of the dream world, i always had dreams that involve flying, superheroes or nightmares with murderers and kidnapping etc. Usually these dreams will appear vivid in my head after i wake up and often it affects my start of the day.

But recently, all these extreme dreams just disappeared. Instead i started having normal dreams that i don't remember much anymore. Just really really weird dreams.

Few friends and I planned a trip a while back. I had a dream that the organizer canceled it and after i woke up it took me half a day before i actually realize it was only a dream.

Similarly, i had a dream that my friend had quit his job, leaving me alone at work. Didn't realize it was a dream for a while. Another dream was i met this really charming cheerleader again. Ish!

So far these and a few more are the only ones i can remember right now. Who knows how many more dreams i had which i didn't know it was a dream. I need a reality check every morning.. lol

All the dreams seem so real. Like I was literally right there hearing and feeling everything. They feel more like a memory rather then a dream..

Ish.. brain, what are you doing?


  1. A good thing actually-- vivid wet dreams.

  2. Giving you suggestions no doubt :)

    1. lol, i highly doubt.. most things feel like i already did them, like memories. Things that i would never do in person. haha

  3. I remember I've bought a dream book dictionary few years back. It helps interpret your dreams, and I'll search for you when I manage to find that book...somewhere in the old bookshelf. XD

    1. OMG! Dig it out! i wana read it! so cool! haha