Tuesday, 16 October 2012

304 : Stay Safe!

Really disturbing status update today by Pang Khee Tiek.

Go read the status!

Really surprise about it.. Every community has its goods and bads but seriously..
The LGBT community is already under fire all the time by the government, we don't need more reasons for public to shun us.
In another note, i guess the LGBT community isn't all that innocent.
With Grindr, Jack'd and many more, most people are given access to quickies anytime of the day, just buzz, meet and do it.
Lol, i know what i wana say but i'm just too tired to word it out properly..
If i make sense i make sense?

Anyways, just be careful alright?


And for people like CX that don't have a facebook.. Lol


To fellow members of the Rainbow Community, 

In the past 20 years, the internet has provided many LGBTIQ organisations and individuals with platforms to express our thoughts and identities in a relatively safe environment. One of the communities that has flourished as a result of this is Seksualiti Merdeka, where people of all sexual orientations and gender identities can come together in support of each other. 

Recently, Seksualiti Merdeka has received a certain information from a trustworthy ally. According to our source, a Malaysian mainstream television company is planning to do an exposé on social networking apps (on mobile phones) and websites that cater to the LGBTIQ community, specifically those that offer personal dating services. We were informed that this TV company will be hiring people to infiltrate these apps and websites and disguise themselves as looking for dates. 

Seksualiti Merdeka fears that the resulting conversations and photos between the moles and LGBTIQ individuals may be shown in a television programme that portrays LGBTIQs in a negative light. While Seksualiti Merdeka supports the right to freedom of expression, we believe that the intentions of the producers of this television exposé are negative in nature and the results may cause more harm than good. 

As a result we would like to advise members of the LGBTIQ community to exercise vigilance and care when interacting with strangers online. We urge you to employ discretion and common sense practices:
· Don’t give out your vital personal information to total strangers. 
· Don’t share your photos, especially ones that may compromise your identity. 
· Don’t meet a person you have just met online in a secluded area.
· If the person's conversation is making you uncomfortable, seem too probing, or is pressuring you into meeting or revealing certain information, stop interacting with the person immediately.

It is not Seksualiti Merdeka’s wish to spread panic and fear throughout the community. Despite the seriousness of this matter, we advise everyone to remain calm, exercise discretion and be supportive of one another. If you have any friends who you think may be at risk of being implicated in this exposé, please pass on this advisory to them.

Please inform us if you have any concerns or additional information about this matter. 

Thank you. 

Be safe and stay fabulous."


  1. Saw this in another fourm. Why recently they keep 'kacau' us? because homosexual becoming more acceptable in the world? Scare people all turn gay?

    Hetereosexual apps also got negative light. Ask them try SKOut too. Not just gay dating apps.

    1. We always in the spot line one la. Anything out of place we will kena. So just don't let them have a reason to kacau la.. ><

  2. Why laugh at me ? You meant me right ?

  3. which makes me wonder if I should remove my face pic from jack'd.... but I'm not sure if they are allowed to publicly display our profiles on TV... isn't there some sort privacy breach rule or something... :/

    haha I thought of writing a post for this, but you've spared me the work! :P

    1. Malaysia does not recognize the tort (law) of invasion, meaning you cannot sue someone for invading your privacy. This is despite we have a decided case in the case of Sivarasa Rasiah v. Badan Peguam Malaysia & Anor [2010], Article 5(1) of the Federal Constitution provides that “No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty save in accordance with law.” In the Sivarasa case, the right to personal liberty includes the right to privacy.

      J-boy, you can sue them for defamation if they ever use your pic without your consent and if you can prove that such act may lower/affect your reputation or work in the eyes of the public.

      But to be very honest, I think you would have a slim chance to succeed because frankly speaking, Malaysia is still lacking way behind in this field. That's why I decide not to practice litigation.

      Hope that answers your question.

    2. Wow thank you for providing such a professional and informative answer, whoever you are haha... :)

      In a weird way I feel somewhat aroused by your intelligence.. I hope for my sake that you're a dude, and not a gal lol :P

      OK, that second paragraph was wildly inappropriate. Apologies darl ;)

    3. j-boy, yeah, i'm a dude, a gay virgin at that. haha

    4. Well for someone as well versed as you, no worries you won't stay a virgin for long. Unless, that's what you want to be of course :P

    5. Lol, Anon, jboy will teach you ways to unvirginfy yourself. =PP

  4. Deleted mine dy... haiz... all kinds of nonsense...

    1. Ooo, joker settling down?.. ><

    2. there are other ways... lol~

      nah... settling down I think... =3=