Sunday, 21 October 2012

307 : Back to Reality

".. and dancers on stage"

Each of us walk out on to the pitch dark stage, using the countless practices before to navigate ourselves to our positions. We crouching down, and waited..

The music starts.

The strong speakers send pulses and vibrations across the stage and the theater, each beat sending a signal through us, to our eardrums and sensors. Everyone stays still, counting silently to ourselves, the tension builds.

"5, 6, 7, 8.. Te Dum!"

Everyone springs into life, blinders flash, spot lights turn on and a colour wash fills the background. Each dancer moving to our coordinated steps, building the vision our choreographer had intended for our piece. I looked forward to the audience, and the rest was muscle memory.
Before I knew it, we were taking our bows, partying on the stage and the curtains closed.


3 days of awesome performances with friends are finally over.
Back to reality that exams are approaching like a meteor to the dinosaur ages.
No more using dance as an excuse, bohoo!

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I still trapping inside my own world, reluctant to go back reality =(

  2. It's exam season again, time to focus!!

    What I normally do this time of year is to count how many days I have to study before and in between the papers, then I count how many topics/pages I have to read in total for all the units.... Then I divide it evenly so that each study day is balanced haha.. And then I force myself to stick to the schedule, because if I don't then I know the following days I will have too much to read and too little time...

    I'm such a psychotic and obsessive student! But that's why I kick ass LOL

    1. for me i jz laze around and wait for the panic to settle in nicely =D