Wednesday, 1 August 2012

265 : Stepping on Heads

Its been only my second class, unfamiliar faces fill the dance studio as everyone claim's their own spot facing the mirror. Glares were directed towards me, the odd one out, mostly through the full length mirrors. Could be because everyone was wearing grey, black or white and i was wearing bright blood red too.. Who knows?.. lol..

The night before Lex called me, asking me if i would help him choreograph his urban style piece as he needed help with partner work. I gladly agreed, been ages since I did partnerwork.

Still rusty from the 7 months break, was trying to keep up with the Lex's signature fast and unique choreography, which also includes his fav hip trust and body rolls, he knows he is sexy. :P
I made a mistake along the way and Lex stopped the class to correct me..
And then it happened..

"Oh! By the way, everybody, this is Leonut, he will be my co-choreographer for the next performance piece we will learn soon, say hi!"

OMG!! Its like people have been here since the beginning of the year, taking class every week and a newbie comes in, does mistakes and gets to choreograph with Lex.. Adding the fact that this dance club has a reputation of being extremely competitive.. I felt like i terpijak people's heads and got upgraded.. Maybe I am thinking too much but its kinda true..

Honestly i am terrified if i don't meet with the standards.. I would be letting Lex down and everyone else too..

Another thing is I manage to get in the performance dance without going through auditions and castings.. I really hope its because I manage to reach the required level and not because of my long close friendship with Lex..

Just a little rant..
Been really busy lately..
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. It might be, but as long as you prevail, you will do fine. Haters gonna be haters they say, but rockers will rock. True story.

  2. oh congratz to u!!! have faith in urself!!!!!! = )

    hahahahaha sure u r a good dancer la! prove it to the world!

  3. I'm sure Lex has a standard that he needs to maintain one..So if he thinks u are suited to be his co, must be bcoz of ur talent lo =D

  4. Just carry yourself like a professional (even though you are not treated like one) and eventually everyone will respect you and start to treat you like one. It's the same when I go in to direct plays or sing or whatever. Just do your best, and carry yourself professionally!!! All the best.

  5. Happy Thursday to you too.

    Well, so long you do your best. No one can say whether you are at their expectations or not.