Friday, 17 August 2012

273 : Change

With a snap of a finger people just change.

Out of no where, someone close to me became such a money minded person.
Every little petty amount i owe him has to be paid back to the cent, disregarding everything single thing i have helped him with. Helping someone move from one house to another isn't exactly a 'it's convenient for me' thing that people just agree to do. Its never convenient for anyone and it ate up almost 2 of my free days. Shopping with him he steals my coins since he don't carry coins with him. Sure, if its Malaysia i would gladly spur out all my coins to you, those 50sen, 20sen coins don't really have a high purchasing value anyways, most people give them away ; but 2$ and 1$ coins here are my favourite! Those small 2cm diameter gold 2$ coins are a heaven to use! Anyways i never once ask them back,. Maybe i should next time.

"Eh! Leonut, you still owe me 10$ right?"
"Since when?"
"There that time we went out drinking"
"I payed for your dinner that day.."
"Oh yea! So that means you owe me 6$ la. Help me order the cake"
"You no mouth to order ah? The waiter is right next to you"
"You just help me order la!!"
"Fine, what ever."

Just freaking annoying. Why the hell must i order for him when he can tell me what his order is, wouldn't it be more efficient if he just told the waiter? Right after he finished, he had to leave earlier and just got up and left. And of course this meant that i was paying for him.

He wanted to pierce his ear and he insisted i gave him one of my earring for him to wear since buying an earring here was "expensive". Rich man's son that just got back 7k$ in deposit can't afford to buy a pair of earrings. He even ran through all my earrings asking me to give him one or the other when i told him a firm "no". At the end i gave in and now he has my earring.. 

Its like literally every week he goes clubbing now and he said proudly himself that he goes to the casino every Sunday to "earn money".

Kinda sucks to see someone you really care about going back to his old stupid ways of clubbing and partying. Getting a dirt poor average tertiary score that even the worst universities won't even accept him into their degree program only snapped him back to his senses for 8 months i guess.

All these started when he switched his uni... New friends i guess?

"Change is the only constant in life."

Or maybe i have changed?..


  1. I guess you are too nice that he would take advantage on you. I mean you have said "NO" but I believe he knew it sooner that you would give in.

    Sometimes, a firm "NO" would make you life easier.

    Or maybe it is time to find a new friend LOL.

    1. I already use a firm "no" all the time.. He seems to get a little pms around me when i go against him now.. New friend hard to find lo.. haha

  2. Next time, just give him in coins on all the money you owed him.


    1. Lol.. Aussie coins very valuable one okay?.. I want the coins also.. haha

  3. definitely his new friends.

    by the way, don't allow him to exploit you further, especially when someone is reacting in ways that puts his priority more than you or anything else. that's down right selfish.

    if he's the type that listens, confront.

    otherwise, screw him.

  4. Clearly this 'friend' is a leech.

    It's OK to pay for friends sometimes, but only for those that you know care about you, and you know they would do the same for you when you're in need.

    Otherwise, do as what you would do with leeches. Use your finger to erm.... swat it away... Not sure what the English word for the verb is, but in Canto it's 'Dan' and in Chinese it's 'Tan'... You know what I mean right haha, the middle finger coiled up against the thumb, and then you release it like a spring hahahaha... OMG I'm talking so much, it's taking the point away.... =.=

    1. He senses my asking him to dan already.. Lol, he starting to get pissy.. haha